Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 13

In which more people than necessary get hurt or die in one episode.

This is the episode in which Wook surprises me. Although not completely out of character for the make up of the Korean remake, it is in terms of the original Chinese one. Wook displays himself as more conniving in this episode, hinted during his talk with the Princess and then the action he takes against Prince Yo.
Whereas these are some of the actions and thoughts that the original Fourth Prince would have, as he is a cold man who seeks survival and seems to understand the dynamics towards his perceived “success,” Eighth Prince was wise but did not come off as conniving so much as just smart. Wook’s act of betrayal and planning just seemed more characteristically to follow Fourth Prince. Meh.

Omegat, I sympathize with HaeSoo so much though. She has such shitty choices of men around her. First her modern boyfriend cheated her out of all of her money and cheated on her, and then her second boyfriend-ish person doesn’t even listen to her. Like bruh.
I mean come on! The amount of manhandling she goes through with this series. I just… kennot. If it isn’t a wrist grab it’s a shoulder grab. If it isn’t a shoulder grab it’s a waist grab. If it isn’t a waist grab it’s something else. If this was real she’d have so many bruises over her body of all these men’s handprints because they manhandle her too fucking much. Gatdamn, I wish I was as patient as her. For being a supposed wild character turned wise, she sure didn’t really show the wild and only the naive and slightly wise? Not really either because Haesoo does some dumb shit but I mean, Korean drama heroine flaw, right?

Also, the scene at the beginning of the episode where Prince Jung is trying to be all “I’m not callin you Noona anymore, so don’t look at me like your Dongsaeng,” or whatever–I’m wondering how they’re going to work around that?
In Scarlet Heart, he asked for a favor from the king and had it written and stamped with the imperial seal. Am I to assume that the same thing happened during his time of favoritism with the King? Anyways, I’m kind of looking forward to that.


**Totally off topic but during that ending scene in which she is comforting Prince So, it just made me miss comforting someone. I miss giving hugs.




Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 12

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long break. I’ve been trying to catch up with some other homework and I also finished watching the live action to Three Worlds Three Lives: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I decided not to blog about that one simply because I do not remember enough of the book version? I’m super sad about that no longer being online as well! But it’s whatever. I’m not fully caught up on homework but since I’m trying to multitask by watching the episode and “homework.”

Soo… this was an odd ride.

I talk with my brother about this drama. He hasn’t seen the original so he watches this like it’s its own drama. And I guess, I can see where he stands with that.
As its own drama, it’s probably really good. I mean, it follows the structure of any quick historical drama. And Joonki plays the kind of broken prince that you always want to see and comfort, so I can get that. Also, Jieun beautifully portrays a strong female lead that actually sticks up for herself. She’s self sufficient and that’s boss af. But back to the episode…

Uuh… so a lot of things happened…

For one, WE KNOW WHO THE PRINCESS IS NOW! She calls 8th Prince’s mom “mom” but I wasn’t sure if it was because she was adopted into the family or if she was actually his sister but turns out she is! Woohoo! Now we know that she is indeed pursuing lowkey incestuous relationships. But like… that’s okay? I don’t know, things are weird back then.

As per the storyline, she is transferred to be a washing maid. Woohoo. Life is great. Two things to say about this transition. No, wait, three!
One: I don’t personally like how she carried herself and how she interacted with the other maids in the division. In the original Chinese one, it shows how she has matured. Ruoxi understands that the best thing you can do is to get people on your side. It makes your life so much easier. She deeply reflects how the palace life has affected her. She uses her smarts and kindness to get people on her side while being lowkey about manipulating people. She does her fair share but she knows how to get what she needs done. So it was kind of off-putting to see Hae Soo fight back to the maids. However I see why they did it. Hae Soo’s character is supposed to be strong headed and independent. She doesn’t let people push her around and so her pushing back just further solidifies her character as a strong person. I get it! Haesoo don’t take yo shit. Buzz off! So there’s a pro and a con about that scene.
Two: Wow, that was fast. There is literally nothing that they show that signifies a change in time in this drama. I mean literally, she’s washing clothes and then out of nowhere A YEAR HAS GONE BY? What do you mean a year has gone by? Who just casually does that?! It’s just… the way that the writers have written this is so… messy?! Maybe it’s because I’m not watching the international version. There just seems to be so many gaps? A magical year has suddenly passed, some connection between characters have been created of which we witnessed nothing of and love lines suddenly exist that had no basic standing before?

Which brings me to my point about Woohee and the thirteenth prince! When did this love line get created? I feel like the hug and confession were so out of place! His scenes with her were a total of two or three with no real progression in their relationship, and suddenly he wants to keep her safe forever and nothing could possibly go wrong! yano, except for the fact that she’s trying to kill his dad but I mean, if dramas have taught us anything, that’s okay! Because I love you
Also, when did she and Haesoo meet? I don’t remember them ever having met. And yet for some reason, in this episode, they talk to each other like they’ve had 12 conversations already. I’m just… so lost. It literally feels like I’m just watching Naruto or Tokyo Ghoul. “Oh, you won’t get it. You need to read the manga first.” 

Positive note; I still love tenth prince and his bride. Yet again, still OTP.
I love how much you can see that they are just children. Children who are married to each other. So, it’s like they get to grow together. It just… it hits me right here *stabs heart*. (I’m sorry for being so ugly but like… it happened.)
It’s so sad though! I can see their demise already! And nothing has happened yet! I can already see her walking away from him and Tenth realizing too late that she has made him the man that he is now. She’s teaching him things that he needs to know even if he doesn’t care about them. She’s protecting him. Literally, if he were to become a great man, he would be the living definition of the saying that for every great man is an even greater women behind him.

Well, I have more homework to do so I’ll be off then.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 11

Hey, guys! I’m back. Sorry (yet not sorry) about not updating. I was on a class trip to the south and, well, if you’re a homebody like me, the last thing you want to do when you finally are able to explore the world is to sit in your hotel room and watch television dramas. Anyways, I’m back now and I’m trying to catch up on this whole drama before the day ends. Which means there’s going to be a large spam on these posts within the next few hours.

Okay, to be honest, I don’t really have much to say about this episode. Not anything in depth anyways. There just… wasn’t anything that seemed to stick out to me.

I don’t know if you guys felt it but I know for sure I did. As sad as I felt about what happened to Lady Oh, I don’t know why but it didn’t feel sad enough. I mean, she was beautiful and pure but the connection that was to be made between the two just wasn’t strong enough for me to feel completely heartbroken. It just didn’t feel like enough for me.

However! The little backstory they gave on her and the king is sad. I think the fact that it is such a common story among the women back then make it even sadder still. A young girl falls in love with a man but finds that their matrimonial bond is almost meaningless because of his own ambitions. Also, the fact of having many wives and the competition between each one for status. I mean, her lost child is the only thing that she could truly call her own in the palace and even that was taken from her. Yet, in the end, if it had been born the works of the palace would definitely pull him away from her too. Which is so sad… but that could also just be me feeling sentimental about other things at the moment.

I have to say, my highlight for this episode was the exchange between Queen Yoo and Lady Oh. Yoo seems like such a low person in this episode, going to Oh as if to smear some sort of victory in her face. I don’t really understand what she thinks she has won. But maybe that’s because the drama hasn’t really worked much on the relationships between the characters at all so it’s hard to say what she feels that she has won except for not being hanged. During that conversation-slash-self-pep-talk, Oh said something I very much agree with but also seems kinda… sad.
“That’s okay. As long as one person remembers me.”

In fact, I made an instagram post about it before I even saw the episode. #ladyohismypersonalityaspirations
There are a lot of reasons why that was my favorite line. I’m not sure how to word it exactly though. I guess I feel like everyone in the world, especially those in more privileged places, especially those in privileged places, all want to be remembered in some way–martyred, making their mark, creating something. It’s definitely an ambitious goal. What about those of us who do not have such skills? There are those of us who are just mediocre–or lower. While others are struggling to be remembered by many, they find that they must step on so many others. People like me, people like us, we’re okay with not being remembered by 1200 people. We are okay with being known by 50 people, and truly cared for by 12 people. Some of us are lucky to have 1 person to understand us, and there are those who are lucky enough to have 2 or more. In all honesty, that’s all we need.

I’m thinking too much. My head is in a muddle. I think I’m going to take a break from this drama. I need something… super happy. I think I’m going to start a chibi anime. Can you tell I’m struggling some sort of internal battle? LOL

I heard Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo is super cutesy. Maybe I’ll try that ^^ I’ll be back, guys. I promise.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 10

Flaws in this article:
I was doing make up at the same time as “watching” this episode so there are some admittedly large gaps in this… rendition. Please excuse me.

Okay, I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. Who the fuck is Yeonhwa? Like… they call her Princess and she calls the 8th Prince’s mom, mom, but she’s the “aspiring empress dowager” or some shiet. Like… what is your actual relation to the family? I am almost certain that there was no inter family marrying so much as siblings go! I’m pretty sure they simply stuck to cousins and aunts/uncles, so what the fuck is this? She’s so… confusing! There’s just… there’s no background on her. I just… I’m dense! I need them to tell me outright that she’s adopted or something, or that interfamily marrying is okay, because otherwise I’m just going to keep complaining. Like, seriously! What the fuck is this shit! Whooo aaaare yoooou?!?!?!?! But whatever. A simple detail within the map.

Second, I love how Hae Soo’s all “I can do this. Imma be subtle and shit. He’ll get it.” BIETCH! YOU SUPPOSED TO BE 29 YEARS OLD IN PRESENT DAY. WHEN THE FUCK HAS THAT EVER WORKED?!
I mean… I’m not her. Maybe it has worked for her before? But honestly, she should have figured about him as a person, he’s kind of dumb? LOL NO HATE! I LOVE JUNKI BUT FOURTH PRINCE IS DUMB AF, OKAY? Like, I like his pure passion for her and all but damn, that entitlement/attachment problem is a problem! I hate when he says “you’re my person.” I don’t know if this is supposed to be that whole catch phrase thing (LOL when Hae Soo did the reference of “In my heart, there is you” with Chaekyung) but it is really just not working with me. I don’t like it one bit. No me gusta!

I should really change my name from Pink Potato to Salty Potato. I chose Pink Potato because of alliteration but gatdamn, it has become apparent through these posts that I’m just a salty little hoe! How sad! I shall end my third one on a positive note. I know it sounds like I’m hating on the drama a lot but in actuality I’m really enjoying it. My passion for insignificant matters is just meant to mask just how much I am actually enjoying it.

Okay, first of all. I screamed. Well… not so much as screamed as much as yelped when Z.Hera and Baekhyun got on screen. She’s so… cuuuuuute! *clutches chest* Ugh, so beautiful. The way she stomped around in her long dress, which looked adorable on her, was just… adorable. I have no other words for this. It’s just… she’s so beautiful! I love how they made her character so much more lovable and smart. Like, the way she watched 10th Prince until she fell asleep, and the way she so quietly adores him in every way. She’s just… goals. My goals. Personal goals – I want to be like that. Where despite the difficulties that my significant other is giving me, I am able to look past all of that and just adore them in every single way. She’s so quietly supportive. Ugh! *dramatic swooning* I love her so much. I knew she was going to be so cute when she debut’d. *wiping tears* May the kouhais notice you more, senpai!

Okay, that’s my gay-ass’s signal to be done.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 9

Okay, guys. What the actual fuck?!

8th Prince has a thing for weak/sick people. I don’t… I don’t even know? Like…. wut?
First, his wife was a sick… all the time. And he always took care of her and was attentive and everything. Really sweet. And now Hae Soo is having these bouts of paranoia and panic and he seems to still want to go for it? I don’t know… I don’t even know. It’s just… wow. I have nothing else to say but wow.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having these things (I, myself have anxiety but so does the rest of the world so eh,) but for being a lady back then, these were seen as very wrong things. Like… she would need to be isolated or gotten rid of for being “crazy” or “having fits” (I’ve been watching Sherlock).
Compliments to 8th for being like that though? I mean… I’m not really sure. But if I saw Hae Soo doing that I’d be like “bruh, palace life ain’t for you. Obviously the struggle is real and you gotta go.” I don’t actually know what I would do in that situation. I know for sure I would be very worried for her. Not only as her cousin-in-law who had custody of her for a while but also as a friend, much less a person of interest. I don’t know. It’s just hard to see a person whom I care for to be going through that. Because, again, one has to realize that all this is happening and although we see what’s going on, he does not. As a character, he doesn’t get to see inside her head and have a little insight on her  little premonitions. To him, it’s just this little 15 year old freaking out.

Which reminds me, I’m so confused about her age. It’s something that is never mentioned in both BBJX and Ryeo. Of course, it’s implied that she is young, very young, but there’s no specific age. I think this was a brilliant way to mask over the whole age gap thing between Ruoxi and the Princes and also Hae Soo with the Princes but at the same time it’s still like… “wtf?” I mean, Ruoxi’s age was implied in BBJX because of the maiden selections, which means that she has had her period, in the middle of her pubescent age because those are typically the ages that a lady is taken. Taking this into consideration you realize that Ruoxi was like… 15, flirting with the Prince who looked 30, but was the 8th prince, so in matter of number, she ends up falling for a much older guy because he’s the fourth fucking prince. Therefore, he should be older than 8th? I don’t know. I loved the cast but their ages were hella “????” to me.
But one of the main reasons why I was confused is because when she was being revealed to move into the palace, they mentioned that the mysterious girl is 29 years old. I don’t know if that’s a mistake by the translators of the site I was watching or not but if she was supposed to be 29 then she is considered waaaaaay past her prime. She’s considered old! A king doesn’t go for anything over the age of 24, honestly. Once you’re 25 you’re considered middle aged! No way they would have her at the age of 29. Even if it was for political gains. They would rather use a young cousin or something. Conclusion, fetus IU is fetus.

Also, wink wink to that Ji Mong. Him being lowkey af about everything. I don’t get why Hae Soo keeps trying to see if she can change things. You would think that she would figure that he would know what he was talking about? I mean, he reveals that he was transported from a young age, drowning at 5. What would make her think that he did not possibly try to change the outcome of a certain event only to see that changing it makes it fall directly into place? You’d figure she’d ask for questions.
Also, I like how they are making her little memory things just premonitions as compared to Ruoxi who just remembered her history really well. Which makes sense. Too many kinds, too much history to remember. Realistically it would be more of a premonition thing rather than a memory quiz. Especially with the difference in era. BBJX was held during the Kangxi era, which is heavily written about and has many televised renditions of history as compared to Taejo. I mean… I think this is the first drama I’ve seen that is based off of the king that created Goryeo. If anything it’s more off of the Sejong era or a fake king. I’m kind of excited to see where this whole premonition thing goes.

Those are my three things. I’m not going to mention the other stuff. Go watch the drama! Absorb it for yourselves! Let it feast on your soooul!
By the way, I’m watching this on dramafire.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 8

Happy Holidays, y’all! I hope you’re all having a good one. My family and I did Christmas on Christmas Eve so today was really boring. But whatever, I digress

So, there were a few things that happened this episode.
This episode is home to the scene in which we do the famous “I shall fall on top of you while you are sleeping… in a boat!” I don’t know why but every time I see a scene in which runs parallel to BBJX I get excited. Does that make me lame? No, it adds on to my lameness in all honesty.

Okay, I have to say, I was right. The way 10th prince and the general’s daughter interact, the way she is is just adorable. I need to hug her so much. I always thought Z.Hera was cute ever since her debut but her in this character just makes me *screaming* I’m so ugly. I best be seein more episodes of her and 10th together! They’re already so cute!

Also, I kind of figured that when Concubine Oh was acting like that, well, it seems a bit too obvious that she was reflecting. I totally understand where both Hae Soo and Concubine Oh are coming from.One feels unfair because she is being treated unfairly and the other is doing so because she wants the other to understand that things are unfair and that she better not try to do anything. Just… don’t do anything. Act like you don’t exist. It’s better for our own existence. Gatdamn…

Finally, it would seem that Hae Soo has discovered that the 4th Prince is the next King. Interesting time to figure it out and all but I mean, I get that. I’m like that, too.

And also, seeing as how it worked, and they so greatly emphasized her on her ability with it, why didn’t they think to do that sooner?Especially since they revealed that even King Taejo does it as well? I mean, com’mon. Does this mean he won’t be wearing the mask so often anymore? (If y’all are watching with me you know what I’m referring to!)

That’s all I’m going to share.



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 7

Oh daaang! That happened!

Coming back again with a few points.

I love that shot of Hae Soo and Wang So at the lake where the sun first reaches–specifically the shot where they are at the gate entrance looking over it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I think I found a picture of it on Tumblr and it looked like it was straight out of a ghibli movie! I also like how Wang So and 4th Prince’s hiding places are still kind of similar. 4th Prince had the water lily garden and Wang So has the lake where the sun first rises. Both of which are/would-be beautiful.

Also, wala! We have the introduction of Seohyun and Z.Hera! I was wondering when their characters were coming in. I wonder how Seohyun plays? They called her Princess and she yelled at 13th Prince about making fun of them for having fallen to Goryeo, so I’m guessing she is the character that replaces Luowu? I’m only estimating because she and Luowu both play daughters of a noble family that fall from their nobility because of the king and will (as the trailer has shown + grape vines) they end up with the 13th Prince. Obviously she is going to play a bigger role than Luowu. Not only that but she’s also actually going to do something in the drama, as compared to Luowu, noted by the fact that she has a sword and there are some scenes that sneaked that she can fight and stuff. Eeh… what’ll happen will happen.

Also, I have to say, changing Mingyu into Z.Hera’s character, I think, is adorable! I love how tough she seems to be but completely shy she is towards him! It just… melts me. Couple goals is real! *ugly crying* This is all projective though, so I hope this is true.

Oh, goodness, I cannot forget that incident with Yeonhwa and 3rd Prince. First of all, gross.. What is even going on? Her relations towards all of them is still very unclear. They simply call her Princess and the King knows of her and treats her like a daughter, so it’s kind of weird to think that the Princes’ might fight over her knowing this? I just… don’t really get it right now. I guess I’m supposed to kind of just accept it kind of like when I had to accept the fact that Ruoxi and 8th Prince were trying to get together despite being in-laws. I don’t know. Also, 3rd Prince is super rape-y. For being a complete coward, which I have no idea why he has that aura but he just does, he’s being rather possessive over something that isn’t his. Also, he nasty. I hate his eyeliner. What is up with the eyeliner? It just brings back the nasty eyeliner days with Jang Geunsuk in You’re Beautiful. *shudder* But to each their own. He’s so naturally handsome too… sao sad.

I think that’s all the points I’m going to go through this episode. There’s probably more but I’m just not going to go over those. Watch it for yourselves LOL