18 of 365: Lyrics of my own

I can’t wait to tell you

with your face in my hands

a light smile on both our lips

riding a euphoria high

that we made it 

to where we are now

Good or bad, from this moment on

it doesn’t matter

because we made it this far

what’s to stop us from going any further

because I know that at that moment

as long as I’m with you

things could only get better


Uthen Phommin – Tah Row Rak Gun


17 of 365: Lyrics of my own

It took me a long time to figure this out

and honestly, I have no idea why but

I guess it’s better to be cool than to be sad

because sadness is a common feeling

in which a lot of us avoid

no one actually likes being sad

regardless the material it may bring us

no matter the benefit

No one actually likes being sad

because it gets tiring

it gets hard and overbearing 

So I try not to be sad anymore

because it won’t get me anywhere

no one likes a sad person


Gary feat Miwoo – Get Some Air

16 of 365: Lyrics of my own

You say that I’m mean
I know 
I hit you sometimes
a little harder than I mean to
when I’m laughing too hard
or just giving your butt a pat
and I’m sorry for that
not knowing my strength

You say that I’m mean
I know
sometimes I joke too much
endlessly teasing you
for my own amusement 
because you look so cute
when you’re struggling
I know I am being mean

But I hope you can see
my eyes surely say “I like you”
whether teasing you
or sitting quietly on the other side
or just eating a cheap burger
there’s no doubt about it
I like you

Even if it seems like I never say it
or on days when it seems 
like I would rather just not
I can assure you
even if I don’t say it
I like you. A lot.

Day6 – I’m Serious

15 of 365: Lyrics of my own

We’re still young
so young and dependent
doing our best to stay afloat
So he doesn’t know 
that my heart sinks
whenever he mentions
going to a motel 
so we can get some alone time
and I’m not sure how to approach him
to touch him softly on the arm
look into his light eyes
and tell him never

At the mere mention of the word
moments flash before my eyes
each one no different from the last
where their hungry eyes preyed on me
and I giggled like a little girl
because that’s what they liked
while I turned my head away
hid under a pillow
stared at the lone chair in the corner

I’m scared that he’ll hug me
I’m scared he’ll get upset
I don’t want that
I don’t want him to feel like he’s living a barred life
Like there are nothing but triggers on the floor
where he must tread lightly in case of a bomb
I don’t want him to feel 
like he’s got to put everything under a mat
because I fear one day he’ll explode
and ask me 
If I take my clothes off and work like you
will you understand my feelings?”

But I know he need to tell him. 
I need to tell him soon 
because I am not good at hiding my feelings
so I don’t want it to happen
and for him to turn and look at me
to see the exhaustion 
to see the sad emptiness 
I’m just struggling to find the right timing
because I don’t want to dampen the mood
you’re smiling now
but after I’ve said it
what will you do?

Giriboy – Take Care of You

14 of 365: Lyrics of my own

I am very afraid
because I am a very small person
of failures, of disappointment, of change
and although I can read the sincerity
in your eyes, and hear it in your words
I keep searching for something off
even though I don’t want to
even though I hope it doesn’t exist
because I am fearful 
but you hold onto me just the same
with the same eyes
and the same words
all holding the same warmth
burning away the wooden dam
let my small heart be filled with love
so that perhaps I can too. 
I suddenly won’t mind failure
because even if the river changes course
it does not mean that I cannot fill someone else up too.


Gun Napat – My Heart is Waiting


There she stands
Gracious and tall
a forced ignorance about her
as if she doesn’t know

What reason has she
to stand in the light,
or the dark in the same,
she shines the brightest

what reason has she
to stare into souls
new worlds faintly dawning
a gravity breaking my own

what reason has she
with an embrace akin to the ocean
dangerous and enveloping
to come and shake my core

what reason has she
with supple hands
a healing breast
to cover my wounds evermore

what reason has she…

And what reason have I
to resist such a thing so pure
for what do I fear
but to be in her smile no more



13 of 365: Lyrics of my own

Everyday with you 
has been a true blessing
And I cannot seem to stop counting
how many I have received 
just by being in your presence 

sometimes I become afraid
that this is all a dream
and that I’ll wake up to find out
that this was all just in my head
but I wake up to you in the morning

I still have fears that this is all fake
Are we meant for each other,
Or are we just being nice to one another?
But I want to believe
because this just feels right


Wilber Pan feat Zhang Xianzi – Bu De Bu Ai