Isn’t life funny?

I was on a roll, writing and finding, writing and translating. For some reason my laptop is refusing to log me in. I am unable to write/post.

I know, it doesn’t sound like a biggy but I had saved all the lyrics that I wanted to use on my laptop on a notepad. So it’s not like I can just dropbox these lyrics to myself on another device. My laptop is super old. I… I now regret having done that. All of my planned posts were on there as well as my pictures and porn. I don’t know how to fix this. Anyways, until I get things fixed, posts are going to be on pause. I’ll still be writing but I’ll have to mass post at a later date.

Again, I apologize.



O of 365: Lyrics of my own

During 2017 I discovered a poetry page on Facebook. Button Poetry. On there, a lot of people performed their poems, and of them I found a favorite–Rudy Francisco. Listening to them seemed to rekindle my passion for poems. I was never any good but I figured, why bother thinking that? It’s 2017, this year has been shit and it really can’t get any worse (it did). In a singular burst of excitement, I thought to myself, well no one starts out great. I mean, some do but they always get better. Which means that just because I am not that great now does not hinder my chances to get better in the future. So, I’m writing again. Little by little. I write when I remember. When my eyes aren’t distracted by the light of my phone, or my mind in the wrappings of a cellular game.

But that’s not good. Improvement doesn’t come from the form of “working on it when possible.” Improvement comes from the active chasing of the skill. The yearn for better and the run for better. In all my time off, I did nothing more than listen to music and read lyrics as a replacement for spoken word and written poetry. This is all poetry though. And since I needed to start someplace, I figured why not here.

I’m not exactly sure if others have already been doing it. I’m sure they have as I am not bright nor dull and almost everything I have ever thought myself to find has been something that has been around and simply something I had yet to discover. So, I wouldn’t be surprised. Regardless. My plan is to write poems based on some of my favorite lyrics from songs that I listen to. I’m rather far behind on posting them on here. I guess this should make me accountable. Looks like I should hurry and post the 36 poems I should have already written.

For those of you who are reading this, feel free to join in on your own. Even if it isn’t a daily thing, it’s still fun to do. Thank you for reading,



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 16

AAAAAND they died.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m on my period and the mood swings are hella strong or what but I cried more than I wanted to and felt like I still wasn’t crying enough. It was weird. I was actually super surprised that Haesoo understood that Eun wanted So to kill him as compared to Jung who didn’t hear anything. I mean, I don’t think anyone did, yet she somehow still caught that but I mean, cool.

Interesting thing happens. It’s super late in the drama but now So wants to become king. And when he does, Haesoo goes up to him and says, “but what if I ask you not to pursue that?” to which he responds that he would convince her until he could. That question kind of threw me off, I mean I kind of saw it coming but at the same time, I felt like that was a question reserved for Wook. Then again, they are working these things out differently. Whereas Ruoxi remembered her history lessons, Haesoo just gets premonitions–history plays like a television drama in front of her brain. So, while Ruoxi was hoping to change history by saving the one she loved from the path of known destruction starting with his family all the way through hers, Haesoo just thinks that So is going to end up killing all his brothers. This was the reasoning for Ruoxi to avoid 4th Prince in the first place but work around him carefully because she didn’t know how long she’d be in the palace. I believe she also asks 4th Prince not to but at the same time it’s like, it’s going to happen anyway and everything she’s tried to do to alternate history has done nothing but aid it so what is the use of trying to stop him. It’s going to happen regardless.

Which brings me to a side note: what happened to the whole idea of Ji Mong is also from the future? Like… they just completely abandoned that. Well, I get that the way they went around it was supposed to be an entire “we shall talk no further of this *wink wink* *hush hush*” but still. This better be explained in the last episode.

Also, Yo is a weak ass bitch. The boi dun killed only one of his brothers by himself and he’s out here having PTSD and hallucinations! Kill two more of your siblings and I’ll understand. I get that you killed the weakest and most innocent of them all, I mean the boy has never even been to a war ground, but like damn, you really aren’t fit for being King if only one direct death is on your hand and you’re freaking out. (Let’s not mention how So has killed many more and witnessed more deaths and seems to be doing just fine because *phab ejs are phab ejs*.)

Honestly speaking though, it really does feel like Eighth prince and Fourth Prince’s roles are switched in the Korean version the more I look at it. Just certain aspects, such as the “happy together” time, the scheming, things of the like.

I don’t really have much else to say about this episode so I guess that’s it.



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 7

Oh daaang! That happened!

Coming back again with a few points.

I love that shot of Hae Soo and Wang So at the lake where the sun first reaches–specifically the shot where they are at the gate entrance looking over it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I think I found a picture of it on Tumblr and it looked like it was straight out of a ghibli movie! I also like how Wang So and 4th Prince’s hiding places are still kind of similar. 4th Prince had the water lily garden and Wang So has the lake where the sun first rises. Both of which are/would-be beautiful.

Also, wala! We have the introduction of Seohyun and Z.Hera! I was wondering when their characters were coming in. I wonder how Seohyun plays? They called her Princess and she yelled at 13th Prince about making fun of them for having fallen to Goryeo, so I’m guessing she is the character that replaces Luowu? I’m only estimating because she and Luowu both play daughters of a noble family that fall from their nobility because of the king and will (as the trailer has shown + grape vines) they end up with the 13th Prince. Obviously she is going to play a bigger role than Luowu. Not only that but she’s also actually going to do something in the drama, as compared to Luowu, noted by the fact that she has a sword and there are some scenes that sneaked that she can fight and stuff. Eeh… what’ll happen will happen.

Also, I have to say, changing Mingyu into Z.Hera’s character, I think, is adorable! I love how tough she seems to be but completely shy she is towards him! It just… melts me. Couple goals is real! *ugly crying* This is all projective though, so I hope this is true.

Oh, goodness, I cannot forget that incident with Yeonhwa and 3rd Prince. First of all, gross.. What is even going on? Her relations towards all of them is still very unclear. They simply call her Princess and the King knows of her and treats her like a daughter, so it’s kind of weird to think that the Princes’ might fight over her knowing this? I just… don’t really get it right now. I guess I’m supposed to kind of just accept it kind of like when I had to accept the fact that Ruoxi and 8th Prince were trying to get together despite being in-laws. I don’t know. Also, 3rd Prince is super rape-y. For being a complete coward, which I have no idea why he has that aura but he just does, he’s being rather possessive over something that isn’t his. Also, he nasty. I hate his eyeliner. What is up with the eyeliner? It just brings back the nasty eyeliner days with Jang Geunsuk in You’re Beautiful. *shudder* But to each their own. He’s so naturally handsome too… sao sad.

I think that’s all the points I’m going to go through this episode. There’s probably more but I’m just not going to go over those. Watch it for yourselves LOL



The Epitome of Ridiculousness

We went out on a date. He had to work that day and he wasn’t done until 10PM and the minute he was done, he asked if he could call me. I was on the toilet but I answered the call anyways and muted myself so I could flush the toilet. It was late but he still wanted to hang out. I’m cool with that; you see, I was still having a sugar high from my date with the girls that day, so I didn’t care that it was late. I was infectiously happy and ready to run just about anywhere. I told him that I didn’t care how late it was if he wanted to hang out then we could hang.

I also happened to have forgotten that I had left my phone charger in Lucy’s possession. I quickly asked her for her address to that I could retrieve it. He scrambled on over to our meeting place (Longfellow Elementary) and we drove off for Lucy’s place. After retrieving the charger, we debated on where to go loiter. In the middle of the night in a small town like Eau Claire, there just isn’t much to do. He suggested going to a park to just sit down and talk. I didn’t mind and offered Phoenix Park since I often frequent it on my midnight walks.

I simply could not sit still. I sat in the car trying not to make noises as we got closer and closer to the park. I explained to him how I was so excited with being out late and how I had so much energy. In that moment I set my heart on laying on the fluffy grass that resided in the maze area of Phoenix Park and rolling myself down the hill. I was set on rolling myself off the Earth and flinging myself into the sun so that I could be apart of J-Hope. I was mutha-fuckin SET!

It was no surprise that as soon as I ran to the grass it was sopping wet. The sprinklers were running all over and so the grass was all wet–unrollable. The hyper puppy that was me was very thoroughly upset. I whined to him like a small child and teasingly blamed it on him. We walked around trying to figure out where we would sit with the cement and the benches being so wet. As we kept walking towards the main pavilion that serves as the house for the Farmers Market, we found that the bench overlooking the river by the Madison Street bridge was, in fact, dry. We seated ourselves and he shivered, obviously cold on one of the first chilly nights of the fall. I gave him my newly bought jacket–as I am thick skinned and therefore do not feel the cold quite so quickly because of the layer of protective fat I have accumulate around myself–and we sat there talking about just about anything that would come to mind, underneath the shoddy lamplight. Not long after getting into our conversation I felt a spray come to my side and water fall on top of my head. Looking over, I saw that the sprinklers for the section we were seated at had just released themselves and all hell broke loose. We ran for cover at the pavilion, far from the sprinklers, not quite completely soaked from head to toe with water.  We laid down on the cement underneath the stars, just staring at it. We looked and looked, trying to make sense of it. Every now and then we would grunt, drying up from the corny jokes. Eventually, I got up to remove the trash that I had been holding and we moved onto the maze area.

We laid on the ground looking up at the stars just as we had at the pavilion. He wrapped himself in an army blanket that his grandma had placed in his car–he was shivering like crazy but was trying not to show it. As we talked about the stars and tried to make sense of them, in the corner of my eye I thought I saw something fall from the sky.

“Did you see that?” he asked.

That’s right, ladies and folk-abies. We both saw a shooting star. It was probably 1 in the morning? At that point I couldn’t help but think “FML” over and over again. Everything about this was surreal. I couldn’t help but laugh at how incredibly ridiculous all of this was and he couldn’t either. He sent me home after a while of more talking because we still had class that day (which we also had together). This was the epitome of lame rom-com. Same class, similar clothes, similar personalities, sprinkler scene, stargazing scene and then a shooting star scene.

The whole situation was disgustingly cliche. But I still said yes.


Pink Potato signing off!


One of Those Days

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven’t been updating. I haven’t been writing much either. Today I’m having one of those days.

Those days where no matter how loud you turn up the music in your ears, it isn’t loud enough. And it’s annoying when you think it’s loud enough but you can still hear everything, and you wish you couldn’t, but you can. Where whispers are too loud and talking is too much, and you wish you could just drown yourself in the noise that’s replaying in your ears.
Those days where you don’t want to look up, so you keep staring at your feet as you walk. And you look up occasionally, with a little tip, but not entirely because you just don’t feel like seeing anybody, and you avoid looking at faces, but rather just walk focusing on your shoes or the passing hands.
Those days where everything’s okay and you hate it. You want to take the computer in front of you and throw it across the room, or just run into the white walls that run throughout the building. Or just to run outside in general, but you have no where in mind, it’s too cold, you’re not up to running too far anyways.

So you don’t do anything at all. You just play your music too loud, sit in front of the screen lazily like you don’t care, and leave your face in that dark frown your mom always tells you ruins your face.

You know, just one of those days.


Pink Potato -160316

The Jacket

It was easy to befriend him; Jimin was as bright as the sun and hard to miss. He became quick friends with Namjoon, a neighborhood boy two years older than him, and they frequented the manhwa store halfway between their places.

Every time they went to the manhwa store,  Jimin would pull every book he could find involving gangsters. He idealized their life, wanting to become one. Namjoon would patiently listen to Jimin’s ramblings about the gangster life. Jimin’s strong fascination with their life amused him on occasions.

They started hanging out less when Namjoon got a job at the gas station. With his first paycheck, he offered both Jimin and Taehyung, Namjoon’s other friend, to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Just as they finished ordering, a large group of men walked in and as they did Taehyung excused himself from the restaurant. Jimin turned around to see who it was that seemed to have scared Taehyung off. His eyes widened in excitement when he saw the gang sitting at the table. He rapidly patted Namjoon’s arm to catch his attention. Namjoon set down the glass cup he was drinking from to turn and look.

“Hyung, do you think they’re gangsters?” Jimin asked.

Namjoon shrugged and turned forward, making sure not to act strange and catch attention. Jimin watched them excitedly from behind his chair, giggling to himself about how cool they were. When the food came to their table Namjoon watched in fascination Jimin’s effort to scarf it down quickly. Making sure to wipe his mouth, Jimin suddenly got up from his chair and turned around. Namjoon was too slow to grab Jimin’s sleeve before he started to make his way to the gangsters.

Taking up four tables at a corner of the restaurant, they all started digging into the meals placed in front of them. Kun Hyung, the man sitting at the round table at the center of the four tables with the jacket loosely hanging over his shoulders, looked up at the waitress who brought him his bowl of food to give a thanking smile. Just as she walked away, Jimin walked forward.

“Hyung, are you a gangster?” Jimin asked in his high pitched voice.

He looked up from his bowl of noodles at the little fifteen year old boy in front of him.

“So what if I am?” he responded in a deep raspy voice.

Jimin’s smile widened even more, “isn’t it awesome?”

Kun Hyung chuckled in amusement at this conjecture. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his lackeys getting ready to take down the boy if needed. He lifted his hand to wave them off.

“Now why do you say that, kid?” he replied, leaning back in his chair.

“Well, isn’t it?” Jimin answer.

Before he could continue, Namjoon came in behind Jimin and pulled at him. He apologized profusely to Kun Hyung as he struggled to drag Jimin away from the center of the gang.

“Let’s be friends! I’ll find you!” Jimin shouted as he was being dragged away.

Once outside, they met with Taehyung who was waiting in the next store over for them to finish. Namjoon tried to ignore the situation that had arisen and simply left it as was. They continued hanging out that day as normal, from the manhwa store to the arcades to the small street vending venue.

To his surprise, Jimin did manage to find him again a few days later. After finding out where one of the headquarters were in the small town, he frequented often. Kun Hyung found it surprising that, despite his reputation, Jimin didn’t actually know who he was. Perhaps he was too clouded by his idealism of the gangster life, but he was so dense that he never figured that Kun Hyung was one of the big leaders of the Hyungwon Gang. But there was something about him. He never showed it, but he favored this small boy a lot. Jimin reminded him of himself at that age, dumb but bright, just before he became who he was today.

Kun Hyung made sure that the lackeys let Jimin do whatever it was that he wanted, but to make sure they never involved him into any of the gang things. So, of course, the men started to notice his special treatment of this small kid. Those who had followed him loyally for a few years now had never been treated the same way. As one could guess, many were jealous of him, if not deeply annoyed. But that was the least of Kun Hyung’s worries.


Today they had decided to play hookie. Well, Jimin did. The other two never went to school. That day they planned on climbing a mountain just outside the village outside of the city. Together they climbed up the mountain, in search of this tree that granted wishes that Taehyung had read about online. It took them about three hours to find it once reaching halfway up the mountain. They don’t remember how they found it, just that they were walking and suddenly they were there.

They stayed there for the rest of the day, waiting for the new day to break through. As they waited, Namjoon pulled out a blanket from his backpack, breaking the zipper as he pulled it out. They told stories to each other and bonded. Just as the day was starting to break through, Jimin fell asleep with his head on Namjoon’s lap and his back leaning against the tree.

Namjoon lightly shook Jimin awake as they started to pack up. Jimin rubbed his tired eyes and looked up to see that the sun was already high in the sky. Namjoon apologized for not waking him up and Taehyung joked about how he looked too cute lying there to wake up. Namjoon suggested they come another time when Jimin was older so that he could stay up late enough for it. Taehyung teasingly bumped into his shoulder and asked him what his wish was.

“I want to go to the beach. All of us, together,” Jimin said.

Namjoon and Taehyung chuckled; Namjoon told him he didn’t need to wish that.

“I have a job; once I save up enough, we can go to the beach together.”

They came back down the mountain safely, splitting ways to their homes. Shortly after that day, Jimin made time to run back to the Hyungwon quarters to share his experience with Kun Hyung. On that day, Kun Hyung was on a “business trip”, as they said, and so they quickly tried to chase him out. He jumped into the closest room by him to avoid the lackeys chasing after him.

He turned around to find a young man sitting on a creaky bed with a worn out sweater. The young man turned around quickly, clearly frightened by his sudden entrance. Jimin walked forward to search for the light switch hanging from the ceiling. With the light on, he noticed the chain around the young man’s ankle that tied him to the bed.

They quickly became friends, but because he didn’t know what kind of man he was, he made sure not to go too often. He made sure not to let his doubts cloud his judgement, he didn’t know why the man was being held there. Until he heard them talking about some sort of powers.

He joked with the man in the room about him being some sort of magician, but never went any further. Instead, he found himself talking about Namjoon and Taehyung and things he wanted to do outside. Just regular things that he would talk to Kun Hyung with.


Today, Kun Hyung wasn’t there again. Jimin had rushed over to show him his newly dyed hair. Before Jimin left, Kiseop hyung, one of the lackeys who worked with Kun Hyung, gave him Kun Hyung’s jacket.

Jimin marvelled at it, the jacket that always hung over Kun Hyung’s shoulder. One of a kind; no one else had this jacket, no one else was allowed to replicate this jacket. This was the one and only. And here, Kiseop hyung had just handed this to him; Kun Hyung was giving this to him. This jacket that he had never seen leave Kun Hyung’s shoulders, was being given to Jimin. He couldn’t handle his excitement.

For some strange reason Kiseop was in a rush to have Jimin out of the building, but Jimin was too excited to even notice; he was content with having to leave. As he was walking out, another lackey stopped Kiseop to ask him something, to which Kiseop pushed Jimin forward to keep walking without him. As Jimin continued, he saw the same man from the dark room sitting on a chair in a different room. He excitedly waved at him to catch his attention. He laughed when he saw his eyes widen at his hair color.

“Cool, right?” Jimin said, pointing to his bright orange hair.

The man smiled and nodded. Just as Jimin was about to step into the room to talk with him, Kiseop hyung appeared behind him and urged him forward again. He bent backwards in order to wave goodbye to the man before disappearing down the hallway. Jimin kept exclaiming in disbelief at the jacket, giggling to himself.


Jimin had gotten a text from Namjoon the other night. He excitedly jumped out of his house, eager to show off the jacket to Namjoon for their hangout today.

As they walked down the busy street, Jimin stopped every time he saw a mirror, admiring the look of the jacket, loosely hanging over his torso. Calmly, Namjoon continued ahead of him, sucking on his lollipop. He called out Jimin’s name, thinking that he was still following behind him.

“Did you hear me?” Namjoon said.

He turned around to find that Jimin was no longer following him. In fact, he couldn’t see him behind him anymore. He walked back a bit to see if he had gone down a different alley, only to find Jimin laying on the ground.


Kun Hyung irritatingly looked around the room.

“It’s not in the dining room either,” said a lackey as he walked into the room.

“Where is it?” Kun Hyung shouted angrily.

“Perhaps it’d be best if you didn’t wear it today,” said Kiseop.

Kun Hyung glared at him, “why? Do you know where it is?”

Although he stood firmly in place, his heart raced at what it was that Kun Hyung might do next.

Kiseop and a few others proceeded to explain to him that there was a rumour that David’s gang, their rival, had set up a bounty on him, as a way of initiation into the gang. There were no pictures of his face handed out but they had caught fliers of his iconic jacket being handed out by the high schools. Kun Hyung scoffed at them and yelled angrily, asking if they thought that he would really be undone by some dumb school children. He asked them again, in a dangerously quiet voice where it was that they had put that jacket.

“I gave it to Jimin,” Kiseop said.

“What?” Kun Hyung replied, still equally as quiet.

Kiseop repeated himself, trying to explain how Jimin was a potential threat to his position, that he could be undercover, or be with the enemy. He started about how they were getting too close, and how he was showing unfair favoritism towards Jimin as compared to the men who had been with him for years. A loud clap echoed in the room as Kun Hyung slapped him hard across the face. Caught off guard, but slightly expecting it, he assumed his still position, lowering his gaze to the ground.

“Unfair favoritism. Is that what this is? I have favoured you for so long that you are now jealous at the idea of someone being treated better than you? When did I favor him? When did-no! I thought you were better than this,” Kun Hyung waved him towards the door, “Get out!”


Namjoon screamed at the sight. Jimin cried and grunted as he covered his bleeding abdomen.

“Hyung, it really hurts, please help me,” Jimin kept saying.

Namjoon looked around at the emptying streets that had been so busy earlier. A small crowd watched them from a distance not wanting to be a part of it. He screamed at them for help, crying hysterically.

“Apply pressure on his wound!” shouted a female voice.

He turned his head towards the voice, seeing as a young female struggled to pass the crowd barricading them in. She pulled out her phone with a little Mario accessory hanging off of it.

Namjoon looked down at Jimin, who was still crying on the ground, bleeding profusely. He placed his hand over the wound to apply pressure but as soon as he did, Jimin groaned louder.

“Are you sure about this?” he screamed, having a mental break down.

His hands shaked, unable to try and apply more pressure. She assured him, stating she was a registered nurse. She kept asking him what had happened. But he didn’t know–because he wasn’t watching. He wasn’t beside him. He should have been there, but he wasn’t so he didn’t know.

“It hurts a lot, hyung. Am I going to die? It really hurts,” Jimin kept repeating.

Namjoon tried his best to stay calm, telling him that everything would be okay. Everything was going to be alright, so not to worry. As he kept repeating himself, it became evident that he was truly trying to convince himself.

Jimin stared straight up into the whitening sky above him. A face appeared, with hair as white as fresh snow. He cocked his head, looking down at Jimin.

“You’re being unnecessarily stubborn,” he said.

He offered his hand and Jimin suddenly felt a pull.

“I don’t want to go yet,” Jimin said out loud.

Namjoon repeated himself, telling Jimin that he would be okay, that the ambulance was on it’s way over. The boy with white hair stood hunched over him waiting, and he knew.

“Looks like I can’t fulfill our promise. I really wanted to go to the beach with you guys…” he trailed off, laughing in pain.

Namjoon held onto him, feeling as Jimin started to go cold, his breath slowing.

“Don’t leave me, Jimin. We have to go to the beach, you, me and Taehyung. The ambulance is coming, we’re going to be fine,” he repeated like a mantra.


Jimin took the man’s hand and followed him down the street. He turned his head to look back and saw the crowd that surrounded the area, wondering what had happened.

“Yoongi-hyung,” Jimin said, “where are we going?”

“Home,” Yoongi stated and tugged at his hand as they continued down the road, unnoticed.