Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 19 [Last Installment]

I’m not sure if it was because I’m in a rush to finish the drama or if it’s because it’s towards the end of the drama that I feel like this but this episode felt very much not needed. I could not stop my impulses to skip through the episode because ain’t nobody got time to be absorbing all your unnecessary long stares and shiet. Gatdammit!

I found it interesting that the issue with the hawk was with So instead of the original King Taejo. O_O
I just realized that they completely eliminated the whole issue with the King and the struggle between finding the chosen son as compared to having no one else in mind. Then again, the whole beginning was so focused on creating the sob story of So and his reasoning for whatever it is that he was doing. I don’t even know. I literally hold no sympathy towards him. It’s so weird to say because you’d think that after watching 19 episodes of him doing his thing, I would be all emotionally invested and loving it just as much as any other person who watched it but any other person who watched it doesn’t value what I value from the original. I just… I said I was going to be and I am. This one pale’s a lot in comparison with the original drama. I feel like a lot of the connections and flavors are not there. The issues that pulled at many people’s heartstrings is just not there anymore, the whole “love story turned demonic lover” just felt too common place, especially with Korea period dramas. Maybe I just need to stop watching so many period dramas or stop being so incredibly bias but I simply cannot. I’m a horrible person. Y’all should not be reading this shit. Then again, none of you are so I don’t really need to complain about y’all absorbing my nasty writing.

Everything seems to be collapsing in this episode so I’m not going to go any further from here on out. It seems like they’re just trying to quickly pull all the cards quick to get them apart and then follow the rest of the original drama exactly the same so I’m not going to be commentating on the last episode. I heard it ends the same way. (3 hour drives to Chicago reveals many things.)
I also saw that, while I was scrolling through some feed, there was a rumour about a season two coming out and I just… no. Don’t. If it’s going to be anything like season two of BBJX, just stop. I’m disappointed enough. I’m tired, just stop.

It’s been a bumpy ass ride and I’ve been pretty negative. I’m sorry that this had to be the first way I present myself watching a drama. It sucks and I haven’t really learned how to control myself over these kinds of things yet. Hopefully as time goes on I can be reviewing newer stuff rather than a comparison of something I super love with a remake I know will not live up to the drama–and if I ever do, hopefully I can do a better job at discussing the good points of the drama in comparison to the remake, as compared to just straight up hating on it. I’m such a hater. It’s so bad. Although–it does show me that I have a lot of room to grow in.
Hopefully things will be better next time. It was fun recapping and ranting about this drama with you guys. Again, I apologize for being such a hater.




Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 18

I’m not saying that we’re trying to smash a whole bunch of episodes into one but… we’re trying to smash a whole bunch of episodes into one.

I had always had a feeling that Chaeryung was YuTan’s equivalent but at the same time the fact that Chaeryung played her childhood maid as well just didn’t help with how it was to add up. And in the end, it really didn’t help add up. So Chaeryung’s childhood and make up is supposed to be like that of YuTan’s–sad poor family, stricken with the plague and needs medicine to survive, goes begging, leading to meeting with 9th Prince. And then it goes awry. After a while, she is handed to be the personal handmaiden of Haesoo, supposedly having kind of grown up together? Like… what? That doesn’t make sense if she was supposed to originally be from 9th’s house. Messy is as messy is.

Another thing about Chaeryung, I loved how they killed her in such a boring way. I don’t mean to say that being beaten to death is a totally boring way to go or something, but I mean, it pales in comparison to the original. Later in the episode, Baek-Ah claims that So knew all along that Chaeryung had been a spy and tried to distance her as much as possible but he sure as hell didn’t seem like he was. Whereas, in the original, the viewer got to see how these strange things were happening to the maids, each being said to be “an example for [this] or [that],” So did nothing. Just, “oh, ya… I knew about that. I totally told her to stop but then she, like, just didn’t listen to me so I had her beaten to death.”
4th Prince kept sending her direct messages saying to stop, saying “watch this, this’ll happen if you do not stop,” and when YuTan continued, he had her steamed to death. That’s right! Steamed! Like a fucking bun–like a baozi, dumpling, mandu, whatever it’s called in your language. Haesoo could go on and on about how beating her to death in a straw carpet was inhumane, like, chile! Go watch the original version before you walk yo ass up in here sayin that she was beaten like a dog and it was inhuman. And least she was still treated like a living animal. YuTan was fucking steamed alive in a makeshift human bun steamer. Fucking slow-cooked to death. Talk about inhumane. Tsk, girl got me good.
I’m not saying that the Korean version is the epitome of tame but the Korean version is the epitome of tame.

I have to say that, personally, I did not like how this played out. I guess it made more sense that the Chinese version could be more drawn out because it was so many more episodes than the Korean version but I feel like it’s too rushed. In comparison, the Chinese version worked very well to show the viewer the way in which all of the stresses of the palace life, as well as just being with the King in general, were all stressing her out and causing her to get worse, the Korean one just kind of went “whoop! You’re dying soon. WHOOP! Things just got a shit ton more stressful! Looks like you’re going to die sooner!” Like, chile, if there ain’t no build up, there is no reason to be climaxing so soon. Shit, even viagra can’t save you now.

Another upsetting fact is that they do not keep the fact that Fourth already has a family. Like, he had to be honoring her in some way shape or form to be the perfect romantic period. And so their solution was just to have him, basically, cheat on her with Yeonhwa. I’m pretty sure they angry fucked after he got drunk. And, as per usual, he blamed his issues on 8th. Except, he only recently just started acting out on 8th, whereas before he was just kind of indifferent. It was a detail that the writers seemed to really ignore. It’s almost as if everything just hit So at once and he just had to be doing everything.
I don’t know about you guys but I personally liked the fact that it was a combination of things over time that worked away at the relationship between Ruoxi and 4th Prince that pulled them apart, as compared to this whole “everything happening at once” kind of stressful ordeal with So and Haesoo. I, obviously, have heavy favoritism towards the Chinese version though, so my opinion is next to nill on this LOL!

I’ll be looking forward to how So takes on the idea that Haesoo will now be living with 14th Jung from now on. We shall just have to see.
Goodnight y’all, that’s enough salt from me in one day.



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 17

That was super fast.

The great King Yo has fallen. It’s very interesting how the screenwriters killed off all of their kings. Each one seemed to die of their own–Taejo died of whatever sickness he had, Moo died of mercury poisoning yet there was also no direct killing, and then Yo died of paranoia(?) I’m not really sure what it is that he died of. I just thought that was interesting. As compared to other shows, this one very much focused on just the abdication of each king and the coming of the new king. It’s just… interesting. Nothing wrong with that but it just makes it seem so… civil. I’m not really sure how to word this concept LOL

It’s sad to see the General go but I completely understand why he went. As much as we would prefer So himself, it still is hard to see him when you feel yourself that he is the sword wielder of your daughter’s death, your little baby girl. So, although sad, I completely understand his reasoning for leaving, I’m still super sad about him leaving. A lot of my favorite actors don’t get that many scenes in this drama. Kind of sad in general but oh well. Not much you can do with just a few episodes left.

Also, it would seem the brat (Princess Yeonhwa) is aiming for queendom again. Sheesh, so much can happen in a single episode and she’ll appear and it’ll just make the rest of it disappear from my mind and I’ll just be sitting here salty about her.
Though I have to say the whole scar thing is a really stupid idea. It’s very hypocritical to say that she is unfit for being a female leader simply because she has a scar would greatly overlook the fact that the king himself was greatly criticized and feared by many because he had a facial scar. If anything, the fact that he had a facial scar would greatly disqualify him as their king because he would be seen as a bad omen from the heavens. Yet all of that is seemingly forgotten. I dunno, kinda odd to meee~. But I mean, whatever, continue with those double standards. *eyeroll*

We shall see how this… continues. I’m salty.



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 15


Not kidding, I was internally screaming the whole time. They are such couple goals.


Couple things to note before I fangirl about them.

One, Yeonhwa is back and being stupid again. Gatdamn it, she just pisses me off. I feel like she doesn’t actually plan far enough within her little ideas in order to get every detail right. I mean, she does plan a little bit but it isn’t enough. As as much as she may want to say that they are well planned and thought out, they really aren’t. She kind of just goes with the idea that “oh, this’ll put me at an advantage because of this and this and I’ll do this.” Which is a great mentality to have for straight forward things, however she is not in a straight forward kind of lifestyle. She’s handling with some pretty deep shit because Ancient Asian Politics is a thing. Though she did deliver one line which I really liked. This was when she was talking with Haesoo and she said “Now I know why I hated you. You think that feeling and marriage are just a game; but for me, it’s life or death,” (somewhere along those lines, I’m not directly quoting). And it kind of made me think that we live in a great world now. That love and marriage are something that we can consider and want a certain way. Whereas before, especially with political standing it was something that needed to be done a certain way, it needed to have meaning–conjoining two families for the sake of safety, sake of pure bloodline, sake of money, creating a unity. Whereas now, we look at marriage and if it isn’t out of love we criticize is as abuse and wrong. I’m not saying it’s wrong to think that way, more that we have evolved to a state of mind that allows us to think that.

Side note about Yeonhwa, I thought it was embarrassingly hilarious that she thought she could walk into the room with Yo as the king and be all like “I remember your promise! Please marry me!” Like, girl, you obviously don’t think shit through. And then Yo went and put her in her place. Ooh, that got me good!

Now we can go back to the OTP.
I have to say, they are an interesting couple indeed. They play absolutely nothing like the Tenth Prince couple in the Chinese version but are just as lovable in their own way. Whereas Tenth Prince’s marriage was as it was, a marriage between two hard headed children, Eun’s marriage opened more like a trap (which, I know, sounds super negative). It’s so odd to see the difference, as Tenth’s marriage was used as an eye opening example for Ruoxi to realize that she was living in a very different world than what she was used to, Eun’s marriage was more of a “First Love Come True” (as Soon Deok said herself in the episode) or a patience is everything.
Not only that but the difference in these two’s characters. While they both are indeed children, Eun is more of a child than SD. She’s wise and knows a lot that Eun is willfully ignorant about. Of course, it isn’t completely Eun’s fault either because those who are around him like and want him that way. It’s sort of evil in its own right. Eun is surrounded by those who do not enlighten him. SD doesn’t either, the most she will do is tell him things that will keep him alive for the moment, immediacy but nothing that is too completely stressful or anything of the similar sort.
It has been fun to see how this relationship has grown even though we do not get much insight on the couple. Just like the Tenth Prince, they both slowly fall for each other even though the prince is more stubborn about it than the wife is. It is sad to see that they only finally got enough screen time in this episode and not only that but just to build so that we can bawl our eyes out when they die. (And no, I did not watch ahead. IU’s been having premonitions more than That’s So Raven having a premonition seizure. I’m really not going to try and fool myself that anything else is going to happen otherwise.)

Side note though, I love how you can see how much she loves him. From how she tries to make herself look better for him, clings to his every positive word, and the way she just knows him. Knows he’s competitive so she lets him win their boat racing game, knows when he’s bored and just how to entertain him. Omegat! *clutches chest* need me a freak like that. When will your fave ever?

Okay, Imma go watch them die now. See you guys soon!




Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 14


I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING, though I really should have seen it coming, but…. Prince Yo comes back to life! Well, technically he was never dead. Incoming second rebellion. It’s nice to see and know that Prince Won is loyal af because, gatdamn, yo son be loyal af. I mean, dude waited and as soon as he came back was like “bro, I gotchu!” I admire that a little… even if he’s being loyal to a little shit. I mean, I get that. I’ve had some shitty friends I’ve stayed loyal to let’s not mention those few friends that have stuck with my little shit ass.

Also, Wook is being more and more of a little shit as the series goes on. My gat. I mean, that follows the original pretty accurately. Though I do get his reasoning because it’s realistic (in being that I would say that kind of stuff if someone asked me and I was in the same position), kind of offputting since you want your drama characters to be standing for something better but at the same time, he’s not the main guy for a reason. He has realistic reasoning for doing stupid shit. Sad, sad human.
On another note, will they also be making him as pathetic as 8th Prince eventually becomes? Well, I don’t mean that 8th Prince was pathetic so much as it was just… sad? I’m not really sure how to describe it, honestly. It was just sad seeing how he became eventually. Be a curious thing to be watching Kang Haneul play that kind of character.

Random note, what’s up with the Queen’s hair? I’m not sure if that’s just supposed to be her natural hair coming out or the whole “so stressed it turned white” look. I’m not even kidding, when I saw the wig I thought, holy shit, she’s a witch because my first association was Mirror of the Witch with Kim Saeron. Not kidding, I was shook when I saw her with the white hair. But I mean… she’s pulling it off so good for her. *thumbs up*

Okay, one thing I hate though? The ending of the episode, how Prince Yo uses Haesoo as a leverage and acts like there’s a choice when there really isn’t? He literally states, “choose the dead king and die with Haesoo or choose Haesoo and I’ll kill her later because she poisoned the king.” And then Prince So fucking stalls like, boi, omelort! And Haesoo just quietly sits there! First of all, I’m annoyed, and will always be in real life situations as well as dramas, about the whole illogical versus logical outtake. I get that it’s supposed to be romantic and everything but dear gat, if I was Haesoo I would have stabbed myself already. Like, “Nope, bois bai. Don’t with y’alls bullshit! Fuck all o your entitled asses. Y’all can go suck on someone else’s titties because gatdammit, I am not yo mama, I should not be having to handle yo bullshit, nope. Nope. I’m out.” I hate it even more knowing that it’s going to work. I haven’t even so much as loaded the next episode yet and I already know that Yo is going to repeat what he said, So is going to growl and then he’s going to back down, put his sword on the floor. Maybe, if Yo isn’t stupid, he’ll stab So for being a fucking idiot. Y’ALL SEE HOW ANGRY I’M GETTING AT THIS SMALL ASS SCENE? THIS SCENE WAS LITERALLY 5 MINUTES TOPS AND I’M GETTING SO ANGRY! Omelort, I gotta stop. I’m almost done with this series, I need to finish this before the day ends. Please pray the salt away.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 13

In which more people than necessary get hurt or die in one episode.

This is the episode in which Wook surprises me. Although not completely out of character for the make up of the Korean remake, it is in terms of the original Chinese one. Wook displays himself as more conniving in this episode, hinted during his talk with the Princess and then the action he takes against Prince Yo.
Whereas these are some of the actions and thoughts that the original Fourth Prince would have, as he is a cold man who seeks survival and seems to understand the dynamics towards his perceived “success,” Eighth Prince was wise but did not come off as conniving so much as just smart. Wook’s act of betrayal and planning just seemed more characteristically to follow Fourth Prince. Meh.

Omegat, I sympathize with HaeSoo so much though. She has such shitty choices of men around her. First her modern boyfriend cheated her out of all of her money and cheated on her, and then her second boyfriend-ish person doesn’t even listen to her. Like bruh.
I mean come on! The amount of manhandling she goes through with this series. I just… kennot. If it isn’t a wrist grab it’s a shoulder grab. If it isn’t a shoulder grab it’s a waist grab. If it isn’t a waist grab it’s something else. If this was real she’d have so many bruises over her body of all these men’s handprints because they manhandle her too fucking much. Gatdamn, I wish I was as patient as her. For being a supposed wild character turned wise, she sure didn’t really show the wild and only the naive and slightly wise? Not really either because Haesoo does some dumb shit but I mean, Korean drama heroine flaw, right?

Also, the scene at the beginning of the episode where Prince Jung is trying to be all “I’m not callin you Noona anymore, so don’t look at me like your Dongsaeng,” or whatever–I’m wondering how they’re going to work around that?
In Scarlet Heart, he asked for a favor from the king and had it written and stamped with the imperial seal. Am I to assume that the same thing happened during his time of favoritism with the King? Anyways, I’m kind of looking forward to that.


**Totally off topic but during that ending scene in which she is comforting Prince So, it just made me miss comforting someone. I miss giving hugs.



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 12

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long break. I’ve been trying to catch up with some other homework and I also finished watching the live action to Three Worlds Three Lives: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I decided not to blog about that one simply because I do not remember enough of the book version? I’m super sad about that no longer being online as well! But it’s whatever. I’m not fully caught up on homework but since I’m trying to multitask by watching the episode and “homework.”

Soo… this was an odd ride.

I talk with my brother about this drama. He hasn’t seen the original so he watches this like it’s its own drama. And I guess, I can see where he stands with that.
As its own drama, it’s probably really good. I mean, it follows the structure of any quick historical drama. And Joonki plays the kind of broken prince that you always want to see and comfort, so I can get that. Also, Jieun beautifully portrays a strong female lead that actually sticks up for herself. She’s self sufficient and that’s boss af. But back to the episode…

Uuh… so a lot of things happened…

For one, WE KNOW WHO THE PRINCESS IS NOW! She calls 8th Prince’s mom “mom” but I wasn’t sure if it was because she was adopted into the family or if she was actually his sister but turns out she is! Woohoo! Now we know that she is indeed pursuing lowkey incestuous relationships. But like… that’s okay? I don’t know, things are weird back then.

As per the storyline, she is transferred to be a washing maid. Woohoo. Life is great. Two things to say about this transition. No, wait, three!
One: I don’t personally like how she carried herself and how she interacted with the other maids in the division. In the original Chinese one, it shows how she has matured. Ruoxi understands that the best thing you can do is to get people on your side. It makes your life so much easier. She deeply reflects how the palace life has affected her. She uses her smarts and kindness to get people on her side while being lowkey about manipulating people. She does her fair share but she knows how to get what she needs done. So it was kind of off-putting to see Hae Soo fight back to the maids. However I see why they did it. Hae Soo’s character is supposed to be strong headed and independent. She doesn’t let people push her around and so her pushing back just further solidifies her character as a strong person. I get it! Haesoo don’t take yo shit. Buzz off! So there’s a pro and a con about that scene.
Two: Wow, that was fast. There is literally nothing that they show that signifies a change in time in this drama. I mean literally, she’s washing clothes and then out of nowhere A YEAR HAS GONE BY? What do you mean a year has gone by? Who just casually does that?! It’s just… the way that the writers have written this is so… messy?! Maybe it’s because I’m not watching the international version. There just seems to be so many gaps? A magical year has suddenly passed, some connection between characters have been created of which we witnessed nothing of and love lines suddenly exist that had no basic standing before?

Which brings me to my point about Woohee and the thirteenth prince! When did this love line get created? I feel like the hug and confession were so out of place! His scenes with her were a total of two or three with no real progression in their relationship, and suddenly he wants to keep her safe forever and nothing could possibly go wrong! yano, except for the fact that she’s trying to kill his dad but I mean, if dramas have taught us anything, that’s okay! Because I love you
Also, when did she and Haesoo meet? I don’t remember them ever having met. And yet for some reason, in this episode, they talk to each other like they’ve had 12 conversations already. I’m just… so lost. It literally feels like I’m just watching Naruto or Tokyo Ghoul. “Oh, you won’t get it. You need to read the manga first.” 

Positive note; I still love tenth prince and his bride. Yet again, still OTP.
I love how much you can see that they are just children. Children who are married to each other. So, it’s like they get to grow together. It just… it hits me right here *stabs heart*. (I’m sorry for being so ugly but like… it happened.)
It’s so sad though! I can see their demise already! And nothing has happened yet! I can already see her walking away from him and Tenth realizing too late that she has made him the man that he is now. She’s teaching him things that he needs to know even if he doesn’t care about them. She’s protecting him. Literally, if he were to become a great man, he would be the living definition of the saying that for every great man is an even greater women behind him.

Well, I have more homework to do so I’ll be off then.