Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 19 [Last Installment]

I’m not sure if it was because I’m in a rush to finish the drama or if it’s because it’s towards the end of the drama that I feel like this but this episode felt very much not needed. I could not stop my impulses to skip through the episode because ain’t nobody got time to be absorbing all your unnecessary long stares and shiet. Gatdammit!

I found it interesting that the issue with the hawk was with So instead of the original King Taejo. O_O
I just realized that they completely eliminated the whole issue with the King and the struggle between finding the chosen son as compared to having no one else in mind. Then again, the whole beginning was so focused on creating the sob story of So and his reasoning for whatever it is that he was doing. I don’t even know. I literally hold no sympathy towards him. It’s so weird to say because you’d think that after watching 19 episodes of him doing his thing, I would be all emotionally invested and loving it just as much as any other person who watched it but any other person who watched it doesn’t value what I value from the original. I just… I said I was going to be and I am. This one pale’s a lot in comparison with the original drama. I feel like a lot of the connections and flavors are not there. The issues that pulled at many people’s heartstrings is just not there anymore, the whole “love story turned demonic lover” just felt too common place, especially with Korea period dramas. Maybe I just need to stop watching so many period dramas or stop being so incredibly bias but I simply cannot. I’m a horrible person. Y’all should not be reading this shit. Then again, none of you are so I don’t really need to complain about y’all absorbing my nasty writing.

Everything seems to be collapsing in this episode so I’m not going to go any further from here on out. It seems like they’re just trying to quickly pull all the cards quick to get them apart and then follow the rest of the original drama exactly the same so I’m not going to be commentating on the last episode. I heard it ends the same way. (3 hour drives to Chicago reveals many things.)
I also saw that, while I was scrolling through some feed, there was a rumour about a season two coming out and I just… no. Don’t. If it’s going to be anything like season two of BBJX, just stop. I’m disappointed enough. I’m tired, just stop.

It’s been a bumpy ass ride and I’ve been pretty negative. I’m sorry that this had to be the first way I present myself watching a drama. It sucks and I haven’t really learned how to control myself over these kinds of things yet. Hopefully as time goes on I can be reviewing newer stuff rather than a comparison of something I super love with a remake I know will not live up to the drama–and if I ever do, hopefully I can do a better job at discussing the good points of the drama in comparison to the remake, as compared to just straight up hating on it. I’m such a hater. It’s so bad. Although–it does show me that I have a lot of room to grow in.
Hopefully things will be better next time. It was fun recapping and ranting about this drama with you guys. Again, I apologize for being such a hater.




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