Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 18

I’m not saying that we’re trying to smash a whole bunch of episodes into one but… we’re trying to smash a whole bunch of episodes into one.

I had always had a feeling that Chaeryung was YuTan’s equivalent but at the same time the fact that Chaeryung played her childhood maid as well just didn’t help with how it was to add up. And in the end, it really didn’t help add up. So Chaeryung’s childhood and make up is supposed to be like that of YuTan’s–sad poor family, stricken with the plague and needs medicine to survive, goes begging, leading to meeting with 9th Prince. And then it goes awry. After a while, she is handed to be the personal handmaiden of Haesoo, supposedly having kind of grown up together? Like… what? That doesn’t make sense if she was supposed to originally be from 9th’s house. Messy is as messy is.

Another thing about Chaeryung, I loved how they killed her in such a boring way. I don’t mean to say that being beaten to death is a totally boring way to go or something, but I mean, it pales in comparison to the original. Later in the episode, Baek-Ah claims that So knew all along that Chaeryung had been a spy and tried to distance her as much as possible but he sure as hell didn’t seem like he was. Whereas, in the original, the viewer got to see how these strange things were happening to the maids, each being said to be “an example for [this] or [that],” So did nothing. Just, “oh, ya… I knew about that. I totally told her to stop but then she, like, just didn’t listen to me so I had her beaten to death.”
4th Prince kept sending her direct messages saying to stop, saying “watch this, this’ll happen if you do not stop,” and when YuTan continued, he had her steamed to death. That’s right! Steamed! Like a fucking bun–like a baozi, dumpling, mandu, whatever it’s called in your language. Haesoo could go on and on about how beating her to death in a straw carpet was inhumane, like, chile! Go watch the original version before you walk yo ass up in here sayin that she was beaten like a dog and it was inhuman. And least she was still treated like a living animal. YuTan was fucking steamed alive in a makeshift human bun steamer. Fucking slow-cooked to death. Talk about inhumane. Tsk, girl got me good.
I’m not saying that the Korean version is the epitome of tame but the Korean version is the epitome of tame.

I have to say that, personally, I did not like how this played out. I guess it made more sense that the Chinese version could be more drawn out because it was so many more episodes than the Korean version but I feel like it’s too rushed. In comparison, the Chinese version worked very well to show the viewer the way in which all of the stresses of the palace life, as well as just being with the King in general, were all stressing her out and causing her to get worse, the Korean one just kind of went “whoop! You’re dying soon. WHOOP! Things just got a shit ton more stressful! Looks like you’re going to die sooner!” Like, chile, if there ain’t no build up, there is no reason to be climaxing so soon. Shit, even viagra can’t save you now.

Another upsetting fact is that they do not keep the fact that Fourth already has a family. Like, he had to be honoring her in some way shape or form to be the perfect romantic period. And so their solution was just to have him, basically, cheat on her with Yeonhwa. I’m pretty sure they angry fucked after he got drunk. And, as per usual, he blamed his issues on 8th. Except, he only recently just started acting out on 8th, whereas before he was just kind of indifferent. It was a detail that the writers seemed to really ignore. It’s almost as if everything just hit So at once and he just had to be doing everything.
I don’t know about you guys but I personally liked the fact that it was a combination of things over time that worked away at the relationship between Ruoxi and 4th Prince that pulled them apart, as compared to this whole “everything happening at once” kind of stressful ordeal with So and Haesoo. I, obviously, have heavy favoritism towards the Chinese version though, so my opinion is next to nill on this LOL!

I’ll be looking forward to how So takes on the idea that Haesoo will now be living with 14th Jung from now on. We shall just have to see.
Goodnight y’all, that’s enough salt from me in one day.




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