Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 17

That was super fast.

The great King Yo has fallen. It’s very interesting how the screenwriters killed off all of their kings. Each one seemed to die of their own–Taejo died of whatever sickness he had, Moo died of mercury poisoning yet there was also no direct killing, and then Yo died of paranoia(?) I’m not really sure what it is that he died of. I just thought that was interesting. As compared to other shows, this one very much focused on just the abdication of each king and the coming of the new king. It’s just… interesting. Nothing wrong with that but it just makes it seem so… civil. I’m not really sure how to word this concept LOL

It’s sad to see the General go but I completely understand why he went. As much as we would prefer So himself, it still is hard to see him when you feel yourself that he is the sword wielder of your daughter’s death, your little baby girl. So, although sad, I completely understand his reasoning for leaving, I’m still super sad about him leaving. A lot of my favorite actors don’t get that many scenes in this drama. Kind of sad in general but oh well. Not much you can do with just a few episodes left.

Also, it would seem the brat (Princess Yeonhwa) is aiming for queendom again. Sheesh, so much can happen in a single episode and she’ll appear and it’ll just make the rest of it disappear from my mind and I’ll just be sitting here salty about her.
Though I have to say the whole scar thing is a really stupid idea. It’s very hypocritical to say that she is unfit for being a female leader simply because she has a scar would greatly overlook the fact that the king himself was greatly criticized and feared by many because he had a facial scar. If anything, the fact that he had a facial scar would greatly disqualify him as their king because he would be seen as a bad omen from the heavens. Yet all of that is seemingly forgotten. I dunno, kinda odd to meee~. But I mean, whatever, continue with those double standards. *eyeroll*

We shall see how this… continues. I’m salty.




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