Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 15


Not kidding, I was internally screaming the whole time. They are such couple goals.


Couple things to note before I fangirl about them.

One, Yeonhwa is back and being stupid again. Gatdamn it, she just pisses me off. I feel like she doesn’t actually plan far enough within her little ideas in order to get every detail right. I mean, she does plan a little bit but it isn’t enough. As as much as she may want to say that they are well planned and thought out, they really aren’t. She kind of just goes with the idea that “oh, this’ll put me at an advantage because of this and this and I’ll do this.” Which is a great mentality to have for straight forward things, however she is not in a straight forward kind of lifestyle. She’s handling with some pretty deep shit because Ancient Asian Politics is a thing. Though she did deliver one line which I really liked. This was when she was talking with Haesoo and she said “Now I know why I hated you. You think that feeling and marriage are just a game; but for me, it’s life or death,” (somewhere along those lines, I’m not directly quoting). And it kind of made me think that we live in a great world now. That love and marriage are something that we can consider and want a certain way. Whereas before, especially with political standing it was something that needed to be done a certain way, it needed to have meaning–conjoining two families for the sake of safety, sake of pure bloodline, sake of money, creating a unity. Whereas now, we look at marriage and if it isn’t out of love we criticize is as abuse and wrong. I’m not saying it’s wrong to think that way, more that we have evolved to a state of mind that allows us to think that.

Side note about Yeonhwa, I thought it was embarrassingly hilarious that she thought she could walk into the room with Yo as the king and be all like “I remember your promise! Please marry me!” Like, girl, you obviously don’t think shit through. And then Yo went and put her in her place. Ooh, that got me good!

Now we can go back to the OTP.
I have to say, they are an interesting couple indeed. They play absolutely nothing like the Tenth Prince couple in the Chinese version but are just as lovable in their own way. Whereas Tenth Prince’s marriage was as it was, a marriage between two hard headed children, Eun’s marriage opened more like a trap (which, I know, sounds super negative). It’s so odd to see the difference, as Tenth’s marriage was used as an eye opening example for Ruoxi to realize that she was living in a very different world than what she was used to, Eun’s marriage was more of a “First Love Come True” (as Soon Deok said herself in the episode) or a patience is everything.
Not only that but the difference in these two’s characters. While they both are indeed children, Eun is more of a child than SD. She’s wise and knows a lot that Eun is willfully ignorant about. Of course, it isn’t completely Eun’s fault either because those who are around him like and want him that way. It’s sort of evil in its own right. Eun is surrounded by those who do not enlighten him. SD doesn’t either, the most she will do is tell him things that will keep him alive for the moment, immediacy but nothing that is too completely stressful or anything of the similar sort.
It has been fun to see how this relationship has grown even though we do not get much insight on the couple. Just like the Tenth Prince, they both slowly fall for each other even though the prince is more stubborn about it than the wife is. It is sad to see that they only finally got enough screen time in this episode and not only that but just to build so that we can bawl our eyes out when they die. (And no, I did not watch ahead. IU’s been having premonitions more than That’s So Raven having a premonition seizure. I’m really not going to try and fool myself that anything else is going to happen otherwise.)

Side note though, I love how you can see how much she loves him. From how she tries to make herself look better for him, clings to his every positive word, and the way she just knows him. Knows he’s competitive so she lets him win their boat racing game, knows when he’s bored and just how to entertain him. Omegat! *clutches chest* need me a freak like that. When will your fave ever?

Okay, Imma go watch them die now. See you guys soon!





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