Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 14


I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING, though I really should have seen it coming, but…. Prince Yo comes back to life! Well, technically he was never dead. Incoming second rebellion. It’s nice to see and know that Prince Won is loyal af because, gatdamn, yo son be loyal af. I mean, dude waited and as soon as he came back was like “bro, I gotchu!” I admire that a little… even if he’s being loyal to a little shit. I mean, I get that. I’ve had some shitty friends I’ve stayed loyal to let’s not mention those few friends that have stuck with my little shit ass.

Also, Wook is being more and more of a little shit as the series goes on. My gat. I mean, that follows the original pretty accurately. Though I do get his reasoning because it’s realistic (in being that I would say that kind of stuff if someone asked me and I was in the same position), kind of offputting since you want your drama characters to be standing for something better but at the same time, he’s not the main guy for a reason. He has realistic reasoning for doing stupid shit. Sad, sad human.
On another note, will they also be making him as pathetic as 8th Prince eventually becomes? Well, I don’t mean that 8th Prince was pathetic so much as it was just… sad? I’m not really sure how to describe it, honestly. It was just sad seeing how he became eventually. Be a curious thing to be watching Kang Haneul play that kind of character.

Random note, what’s up with the Queen’s hair? I’m not sure if that’s just supposed to be her natural hair coming out or the whole “so stressed it turned white” look. I’m not even kidding, when I saw the wig I thought, holy shit, she’s a witch because my first association was Mirror of the Witch with Kim Saeron. Not kidding, I was shook when I saw her with the white hair. But I mean… she’s pulling it off so good for her. *thumbs up*

Okay, one thing I hate though? The ending of the episode, how Prince Yo uses Haesoo as a leverage and acts like there’s a choice when there really isn’t? He literally states, “choose the dead king and die with Haesoo or choose Haesoo and I’ll kill her later because she poisoned the king.” And then Prince So fucking stalls like, boi, omelort! And Haesoo just quietly sits there! First of all, I’m annoyed, and will always be in real life situations as well as dramas, about the whole illogical versus logical outtake. I get that it’s supposed to be romantic and everything but dear gat, if I was Haesoo I would have stabbed myself already. Like, “Nope, bois bai. Don’t with y’alls bullshit! Fuck all o your entitled asses. Y’all can go suck on someone else’s titties because gatdammit, I am not yo mama, I should not be having to handle yo bullshit, nope. Nope. I’m out.” I hate it even more knowing that it’s going to work. I haven’t even so much as loaded the next episode yet and I already know that Yo is going to repeat what he said, So is going to growl and then he’s going to back down, put his sword on the floor. Maybe, if Yo isn’t stupid, he’ll stab So for being a fucking idiot. Y’ALL SEE HOW ANGRY I’M GETTING AT THIS SMALL ASS SCENE? THIS SCENE WAS LITERALLY 5 MINUTES TOPS AND I’M GETTING SO ANGRY! Omelort, I gotta stop. I’m almost done with this series, I need to finish this before the day ends. Please pray the salt away.



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