Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 13

In which more people than necessary get hurt or die in one episode.

This is the episode in which Wook surprises me. Although not completely out of character for the make up of the Korean remake, it is in terms of the original Chinese one. Wook displays himself as more conniving in this episode, hinted during his talk with the Princess and then the action he takes against Prince Yo.
Whereas these are some of the actions and thoughts that the original Fourth Prince would have, as he is a cold man who seeks survival and seems to understand the dynamics towards his perceived “success,” Eighth Prince was wise but did not come off as conniving so much as just smart. Wook’s act of betrayal and planning just seemed more characteristically to follow Fourth Prince. Meh.

Omegat, I sympathize with HaeSoo so much though. She has such shitty choices of men around her. First her modern boyfriend cheated her out of all of her money and cheated on her, and then her second boyfriend-ish person doesn’t even listen to her. Like bruh.
I mean come on! The amount of manhandling she goes through with this series. I just… kennot. If it isn’t a wrist grab it’s a shoulder grab. If it isn’t a shoulder grab it’s a waist grab. If it isn’t a waist grab it’s something else. If this was real she’d have so many bruises over her body of all these men’s handprints because they manhandle her too fucking much. Gatdamn, I wish I was as patient as her. For being a supposed wild character turned wise, she sure didn’t really show the wild and only the naive and slightly wise? Not really either because Haesoo does some dumb shit but I mean, Korean drama heroine flaw, right?

Also, the scene at the beginning of the episode where Prince Jung is trying to be all “I’m not callin you Noona anymore, so don’t look at me like your Dongsaeng,” or whatever–I’m wondering how they’re going to work around that?
In Scarlet Heart, he asked for a favor from the king and had it written and stamped with the imperial seal. Am I to assume that the same thing happened during his time of favoritism with the King? Anyways, I’m kind of looking forward to that.


**Totally off topic but during that ending scene in which she is comforting Prince So, it just made me miss comforting someone. I miss giving hugs.




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