Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 12

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long break. I’ve been trying to catch up with some other homework and I also finished watching the live action to Three Worlds Three Lives: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I decided not to blog about that one simply because I do not remember enough of the book version? I’m super sad about that no longer being online as well! But it’s whatever. I’m not fully caught up on homework but since I’m trying to multitask by watching the episode and “homework.”

Soo… this was an odd ride.

I talk with my brother about this drama. He hasn’t seen the original so he watches this like it’s its own drama. And I guess, I can see where he stands with that.
As its own drama, it’s probably really good. I mean, it follows the structure of any quick historical drama. And Joonki plays the kind of broken prince that you always want to see and comfort, so I can get that. Also, Jieun beautifully portrays a strong female lead that actually sticks up for herself. She’s self sufficient and that’s boss af. But back to the episode…

Uuh… so a lot of things happened…

For one, WE KNOW WHO THE PRINCESS IS NOW! She calls 8th Prince’s mom “mom” but I wasn’t sure if it was because she was adopted into the family or if she was actually his sister but turns out she is! Woohoo! Now we know that she is indeed pursuing lowkey incestuous relationships. But like… that’s okay? I don’t know, things are weird back then.

As per the storyline, she is transferred to be a washing maid. Woohoo. Life is great. Two things to say about this transition. No, wait, three!
One: I don’t personally like how she carried herself and how she interacted with the other maids in the division. In the original Chinese one, it shows how she has matured. Ruoxi understands that the best thing you can do is to get people on your side. It makes your life so much easier. She deeply reflects how the palace life has affected her. She uses her smarts and kindness to get people on her side while being lowkey about manipulating people. She does her fair share but she knows how to get what she needs done. So it was kind of off-putting to see Hae Soo fight back to the maids. However I see why they did it. Hae Soo’s character is supposed to be strong headed and independent. She doesn’t let people push her around and so her pushing back just further solidifies her character as a strong person. I get it! Haesoo don’t take yo shit. Buzz off! So there’s a pro and a con about that scene.
Two: Wow, that was fast. There is literally nothing that they show that signifies a change in time in this drama. I mean literally, she’s washing clothes and then out of nowhere A YEAR HAS GONE BY? What do you mean a year has gone by? Who just casually does that?! It’s just… the way that the writers have written this is so… messy?! Maybe it’s because I’m not watching the international version. There just seems to be so many gaps? A magical year has suddenly passed, some connection between characters have been created of which we witnessed nothing of and love lines suddenly exist that had no basic standing before?

Which brings me to my point about Woohee and the thirteenth prince! When did this love line get created? I feel like the hug and confession were so out of place! His scenes with her were a total of two or three with no real progression in their relationship, and suddenly he wants to keep her safe forever and nothing could possibly go wrong! yano, except for the fact that she’s trying to kill his dad but I mean, if dramas have taught us anything, that’s okay! Because I love you
Also, when did she and Haesoo meet? I don’t remember them ever having met. And yet for some reason, in this episode, they talk to each other like they’ve had 12 conversations already. I’m just… so lost. It literally feels like I’m just watching Naruto or Tokyo Ghoul. “Oh, you won’t get it. You need to read the manga first.” 

Positive note; I still love tenth prince and his bride. Yet again, still OTP.
I love how much you can see that they are just children. Children who are married to each other. So, it’s like they get to grow together. It just… it hits me right here *stabs heart*. (I’m sorry for being so ugly but like… it happened.)
It’s so sad though! I can see their demise already! And nothing has happened yet! I can already see her walking away from him and Tenth realizing too late that she has made him the man that he is now. She’s teaching him things that he needs to know even if he doesn’t care about them. She’s protecting him. Literally, if he were to become a great man, he would be the living definition of the saying that for every great man is an even greater women behind him.

Well, I have more homework to do so I’ll be off then.



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