Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 9

Okay, guys. What the actual fuck?!

8th Prince has a thing for weak/sick people. I don’t… I don’t even know? Like…. wut?
First, his wife was a sick… all the time. And he always took care of her and was attentive and everything. Really sweet. And now Hae Soo is having these bouts of paranoia and panic and he seems to still want to go for it? I don’t know… I don’t even know. It’s just… wow. I have nothing else to say but wow.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having these things (I, myself have anxiety but so does the rest of the world so eh,) but for being a lady back then, these were seen as very wrong things. Like… she would need to be isolated or gotten rid of for being “crazy” or “having fits” (I’ve been watching Sherlock).
Compliments to 8th for being like that though? I mean… I’m not really sure. But if I saw Hae Soo doing that I’d be like “bruh, palace life ain’t for you. Obviously the struggle is real and you gotta go.” I don’t actually know what I would do in that situation. I know for sure I would be very worried for her. Not only as her cousin-in-law who had custody of her for a while but also as a friend, much less a person of interest. I don’t know. It’s just hard to see a person whom I care for to be going through that. Because, again, one has to realize that all this is happening and although we see what’s going on, he does not. As a character, he doesn’t get to see inside her head and have a little insight on her  little premonitions. To him, it’s just this little 15 year old freaking out.

Which reminds me, I’m so confused about her age. It’s something that is never mentioned in both BBJX and Ryeo. Of course, it’s implied that she is young, very young, but there’s no specific age. I think this was a brilliant way to mask over the whole age gap thing between Ruoxi and the Princes and also Hae Soo with the Princes but at the same time it’s still like… “wtf?” I mean, Ruoxi’s age was implied in BBJX because of the maiden selections, which means that she has had her period, in the middle of her pubescent age because those are typically the ages that a lady is taken. Taking this into consideration you realize that Ruoxi was like… 15, flirting with the Prince who looked 30, but was the 8th prince, so in matter of number, she ends up falling for a much older guy because he’s the fourth fucking prince. Therefore, he should be older than 8th? I don’t know. I loved the cast but their ages were hella “????” to me.
But one of the main reasons why I was confused is because when she was being revealed to move into the palace, they mentioned that the mysterious girl is 29 years old. I don’t know if that’s a mistake by the translators of the site I was watching or not but if she was supposed to be 29 then she is considered waaaaaay past her prime. She’s considered old! A king doesn’t go for anything over the age of 24, honestly. Once you’re 25 you’re considered middle aged! No way they would have her at the age of 29. Even if it was for political gains. They would rather use a young cousin or something. Conclusion, fetus IU is fetus.

Also, wink wink to that Ji Mong. Him being lowkey af about everything. I don’t get why Hae Soo keeps trying to see if she can change things. You would think that she would figure that he would know what he was talking about? I mean, he reveals that he was transported from a young age, drowning at 5. What would make her think that he did not possibly try to change the outcome of a certain event only to see that changing it makes it fall directly into place? You’d figure she’d ask for questions.
Also, I like how they are making her little memory things just premonitions as compared to Ruoxi who just remembered her history really well. Which makes sense. Too many kinds, too much history to remember. Realistically it would be more of a premonition thing rather than a memory quiz. Especially with the difference in era. BBJX was held during the Kangxi era, which is heavily written about and has many televised renditions of history as compared to Taejo. I mean… I think this is the first drama I’ve seen that is based off of the king that created Goryeo. If anything it’s more off of the Sejong era or a fake king. I’m kind of excited to see where this whole premonition thing goes.

Those are my three things. I’m not going to mention the other stuff. Go watch the drama! Absorb it for yourselves! Let it feast on your soooul!
By the way, I’m watching this on dramafire.



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