Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 10

Flaws in this article:
I was doing make up at the same time as “watching” this episode so there are some admittedly large gaps in this… rendition. Please excuse me.

Okay, I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. Who the fuck is Yeonhwa? Like… they call her Princess and she calls the 8th Prince’s mom, mom, but she’s the “aspiring empress dowager” or some shiet. Like… what is your actual relation to the family? I am almost certain that there was no inter family marrying so much as siblings go! I’m pretty sure they simply stuck to cousins and aunts/uncles, so what the fuck is this? She’s so… confusing! There’s just… there’s no background on her. I just… I’m dense! I need them to tell me outright that she’s adopted or something, or that interfamily marrying is okay, because otherwise I’m just going to keep complaining. Like, seriously! What the fuck is this shit! Whooo aaaare yoooou?!?!?!?! But whatever. A simple detail within the map.

Second, I love how Hae Soo’s all “I can do this. Imma be subtle and shit. He’ll get it.” BIETCH! YOU SUPPOSED TO BE 29 YEARS OLD IN PRESENT DAY. WHEN THE FUCK HAS THAT EVER WORKED?!
I mean… I’m not her. Maybe it has worked for her before? But honestly, she should have figured about him as a person, he’s kind of dumb? LOL NO HATE! I LOVE JUNKI BUT FOURTH PRINCE IS DUMB AF, OKAY? Like, I like his pure passion for her and all but damn, that entitlement/attachment problem is a problem! I hate when he says “you’re my person.” I don’t know if this is supposed to be that whole catch phrase thing (LOL when Hae Soo did the reference of “In my heart, there is you” with Chaekyung) but it is really just not working with me. I don’t like it one bit. No me gusta!

I should really change my name from Pink Potato to Salty Potato. I chose Pink Potato because of alliteration but gatdamn, it has become apparent through these posts that I’m just a salty little hoe! How sad! I shall end my third one on a positive note. I know it sounds like I’m hating on the drama a lot but in actuality I’m really enjoying it. My passion for insignificant matters is just meant to mask just how much I am actually enjoying it.

Okay, first of all. I screamed. Well… not so much as screamed as much as yelped when Z.Hera and Baekhyun got on screen. She’s so… cuuuuuute! *clutches chest* Ugh, so beautiful. The way she stomped around in her long dress, which looked adorable on her, was just… adorable. I have no other words for this. It’s just… she’s so beautiful! I love how they made her character so much more lovable and smart. Like, the way she watched 10th Prince until she fell asleep, and the way she so quietly adores him in every way. She’s just… goals. My goals. Personal goals – I want to be like that. Where despite the difficulties that my significant other is giving me, I am able to look past all of that and just adore them in every single way. She’s so quietly supportive. Ugh! *dramatic swooning* I love her so much. I knew she was going to be so cute when she debut’d. *wiping tears* May the kouhais notice you more, senpai!

Okay, that’s my gay-ass’s signal to be done.



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