Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 7

Oh daaang! That happened!

Coming back again with a few points.

I love that shot of Hae Soo and Wang So at the lake where the sun first reaches–specifically the shot where they are at the gate entrance looking over it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I think I found a picture of it on Tumblr and it looked like it was straight out of a ghibli movie! I also like how Wang So and 4th Prince’s hiding places are still kind of similar. 4th Prince had the water lily garden and Wang So has the lake where the sun first rises. Both of which are/would-be beautiful.

Also, wala! We have the introduction of Seohyun and Z.Hera! I was wondering when their characters were coming in. I wonder how Seohyun plays? They called her Princess and she yelled at 13th Prince about making fun of them for having fallen to Goryeo, so I’m guessing she is the character that replaces Luowu? I’m only estimating because she and Luowu both play daughters of a noble family that fall from their nobility because of the king and will (as the trailer has shown + grape vines) they end up with the 13th Prince. Obviously she is going to play a bigger role than Luowu. Not only that but she’s also actually going to do something in the drama, as compared to Luowu, noted by the fact that she has a sword and there are some scenes that sneaked that she can fight and stuff. Eeh… what’ll happen will happen.

Also, I have to say, changing Mingyu into Z.Hera’s character, I think, is adorable! I love how tough she seems to be but completely shy she is towards him! It just… melts me. Couple goals is real! *ugly crying* This is all projective though, so I hope this is true.

Oh, goodness, I cannot forget that incident with Yeonhwa and 3rd Prince. First of all, gross.. What is even going on? Her relations towards all of them is still very unclear. They simply call her Princess and the King knows of her and treats her like a daughter, so it’s kind of weird to think that the Princes’ might fight over her knowing this? I just… don’t really get it right now. I guess I’m supposed to kind of just accept it kind of like when I had to accept the fact that Ruoxi and 8th Prince were trying to get together despite being in-laws. I don’t know. Also, 3rd Prince is super rape-y. For being a complete coward, which I have no idea why he has that aura but he just does, he’s being rather possessive over something that isn’t his. Also, he nasty. I hate his eyeliner. What is up with the eyeliner? It just brings back the nasty eyeliner days with Jang Geunsuk in You’re Beautiful. *shudder* But to each their own. He’s so naturally handsome too… sao sad.

I think that’s all the points I’m going to go through this episode. There’s probably more but I’m just not going to go over those. Watch it for yourselves LOL




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