Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 5

You guys~! Oh, my goodness.

So… a few things have happened. I have such a bad memory even though I’m writing this right after watching the episode I’m trying not to mix the episodes up.

So… who is the Princess then? She’s part of 8th Prince’s household and is beloved by the king but then when 3rd and 4th Prince were talking–well, it would suggest intermarrying in the family, which I haven’t actually heard of before, but then again I’m very ignorant on these Asian hierarchies because I only learn them from dramas so… yeah. No further comment.

And also, it would seem that Myunghee plays both Di’fuujin and Ruolan from BBJX. It’s a bit mixed with 8th Prince’s story. She’s out and spies the de-housed Prince, falls in love and brings him back up with her own familial power. Di’fuujin’s story. How… sad…. I wasn’t expecting her to become the Di’fuujin. The least Tong Hua could have done was make a love story ending as endearing as the one in BBJX! I was so sad when she set herself on fire as an expression of her love! /(QnQ)\ But I mean… that’s cool. I don’t want to see Myunghee burn herself anyways. it’s a gruesome way to go.
So then… now that she’s dead, who is his wife? It’s like I said earlier, it’s like Korea too greatly disagrees with this idea that back then, these royals had more than one wife, these other women just don’t exist and in dramas they just can’t exist. I don’t know. Maybe I’m thinking too much? Probably. Either way, it irritates me how much they downplay that. But whatever.

That scene with Choi Ji Mong and Hae soo… I’m still confused as to whether that was him giving her the key to being on the down-low or if he just happens to be saying the same shit. His wink in the end was too ambiguous to tell if it was him giving her a hint or if he just would have naturally done that. This best be explained in the end!

Okay, so I’ve gone over three points. I don’t really know if I should go over that. I already talked too much about important scenes. I think I’m going to end here. (Yes, I’m leaving out the encounter with 14th and Haesoo.)




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