Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 4

Okay… what the hell?

It’s been… FOUR episodes! There’s already a love line! I have not watched Korean dramas in a while so I forget exactly how quickly this shit happens but Omelort it is already here!

  1. 8th Prince is given the freedom to choose a second wife since Myunghee is too sick and feels that she does not fulfill her duty as a wife.
    • He’s aiming for Hae Soo already
  2. 10th Prince’s feelings are completely wasted. It’s like he’s just there to remind people that IU is supposed to be 14 or something. Hopefully he has more of a presence later.
  3. 4th Prince is blatantly childish and in love with her.

I told y’all that her powers wouldn’t be consistent. It’s useless again. She can’t tell the signs. Of course, telling signs is a bit harder when your mind is muddled, which is what she’s going through.
One thing I did find consistent in both dramas, sister/cousin is completely conflicted yet okay with the idea of being with their brother/cousin-in-law but also do not like the idea of being in a polygamous relationship unless they are given the most attention.
… confusing, right? That’s because it is.
Which brings me to say that it’s kind of fucked up to think that these women, both of the characters, come from the present time where they are being cheated on by their significant other of several years. They come back in time and end up becoming the other woman to a man of high rank, knowing full well that they are going to have other wives, and yet somehow still expect them to be priority and shit like that. I just… I find that weird. First of all, the fact that they are okay with being the “other woman” because “it’s love, and destiny” or some shiet like that. (Hint hint, it’s not!) And second, the fact that they expect to be some sort of priority or to have some sort of standing. Like, girl! You are living in the 9th century. Ain’t nobody care about your ass unless your ass is backing it up on his dick or you dun pushed his baby out of you. I mean… these are women who came out of a damaging relationship where they have been cheated on, only to go to the past and be the woman that the man is cheating with. It’s just… hard to follow. Am I making any sense? I’m not sure. But yeah… that’s the random rant on that.

I’m trying to keep these short so I’m not going to say much more than the fact that her harem is growing (#goals) and also, as I stated in a previous overview… does this mean that there’s going to be a rift between the two now? Myunghee doesn’t seem like she’d be the type but also, you can tell that she is hurt by having to say “I know you don’t…. *swallow* you don’t love me.” Like, gatdamn! That shit must have hurt! Why marry her? Because they needed her familial status in order to stay in the palace. How sad… (I pronounce you “open relationship ready,” you may go find your prospective lovers now)

I gotta go now. I need to send my sister to the airport. Will update you guys on the next episode! Baibai!



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