Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 3

Omelort, you guys, I am back from work and it just… HOOO! I just… nope! I kennot right now, I just… I just can’t. I’m done. LOOL

First of all, that OST was bothering the fuck out of me–I could not think of why it was that it sounded so familiar. I kept thinking about a Chinese movie though, I literally paused the drama and replayed that scene where Wang So (Fourth Prince) walks away from the monastery just so I could figure it out and then it finally hit me when I was posting it on my snapchat. It was fucking Hero starring Jet Li and Zhang Zi Yi. I was so upset when I found out. I don’t know why I was upset but I was. (Bless my heart, that memorable track – Hero Overture) So far, I am in loooove with the instrumental track. This shit is amaziiiing.

Okay! So, like, a lot of shit happened… and yet also, not.

One, I am soooooo conflicted as to what Wang So’s intentions are right now. He has found out who is behind the assassination attempt but like… is he now trying to cover it up or is he trying to uncover the truth to everyone? I can tell that he has these mommy issues because of her but like… I’m not sure. I’m just curious what his motives are now. Of course, he wants to get back in the palace and all but there’s gotta be something more… right?

Two, how 10th Prince confessed to Hae Soo was… interesting. It’s interesting that they make it her character to particular on behavioral cues. Since they have noted this twice already, this is something I expect her to keep throughout the whole drama. If she suddenly out of nowhere lose that ability and shit goes down because of it, I’m going to be so mad. I hate it when dramas do that — oh, character has super powers but those powers disappear when they need it most. Like, no, stahp. This was also different from BBJX. Tenth Prince never really states that he likes her so much as just has this understanding that he likes her and just keeps visiting her. I feel like this is going to be complicated because there’s this obvious conflict that is going to happen much like Gong Palace. In this case, 10th claims Hae Soo to himself and will get angry when he finds someone finding interest and when she finally states that she was never his woman–as compared to 10th Prince simply being hurt that he can’t have her and stuff.

On a side note, I find it really interesting that this drama is so strongly opposing the idea of multiple partners. I mean, Hae Soo gets a harem of guys that like her but for some reason none of the Princes, so far, have been revealed to have any wives and concubines, so much as Princess Consorts. The only one we actually know of is Queen Yoo and this other unnamed queen that King Taejo married politically. So far, no mention of their other parents. (I wiki’d it).

Three, I was so incredibly thrown off by the fact that the general in BBJX was replaced with 14th Prince! Like, WTF?! So now the past affair is between 14th Prince and Myunghee, not some unknown general and Ruolan. It’s an… interesting twist. Seeing how BBJX ends, this is a very interesting point. Hm, hm.

Finally, I think I get it now.
I have been looking at this as a remake of BBJX when in fact it wasn’t. Not completely. The premise is still the same, a girl goes back in time and gets entangled in the Palace life, navigating the Princes while she tries to survive and, perhaps, find a way back. The history is different. Get it? I mean, I am.
Basically, Tong Hua just took the story and is now writing it in the perspective of Korean people, using Korean history and popular characteristics. It’s a rewrite of the whole thing being “how would this work if I had written it in Korea.” Therefore, I have not much more complaints. But y’all know I’m petty so I’ll find something to be salty about soon.
Now, knowing that, I am curious as to how the rest of the story plays out and how much of the original story she keeps (because what she is keeping reflects not only the more popular scenes of the drama/book but also some of her favorite moments as well, which is always awesome to see! Author favorites are always *squeal* )

That’s all I really have to say about it. I’m going to keep watching.

P.S. This is actually really hard to do. How do you write in such a way in which it does not reveal the whole plot but also so that you aren’t leaving too much out? I want to be able to cater to those of which have already seen this but also to those of which are deciding whether they want to see this or not.
I’m going to have to stop by the library to find out. *shrug*



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