Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 2

The night has not ended and I am back at it again.

I hate my life right now. Oh, my goodness.

First of all… what the hell. Just… what the hell!

So this means that the Princess is indeed a princess and not his di’fujin or something along that line. This is interesting and I’m confused as to where she goes in compliance with BBJX… but okay. I can work with this, I guess?
I am really not liking how much they emphasize how the fourth prince is some deeply misunderstood character. Dear gat, seeing him mope is like watching a live action of Hamlet.
I’m really not understanding why it is that they are hating on him so much? Like… he’s just the fourth kid and for some reason, out of all of the princes, he’s the one that gets the short stick. I feel like they’re trying to make him too sad of a character to even function. First of all, his mom doesn’t love him, second of all, his brother who seemed to care for him when he was little now doesn’t care for him at all, third, his father barely takes notice of him much less cares for him and fourth, he’s just overall avoided by the rest of his family. He’s been set up to be killed since he was 6! The poor man. No wonder he has issues. I mean, he just screams of issues. This is not how I like my fourth prince! He is seriously not bae material right now. I mean, 4th Prince was never really bae material but at least he wasn’t some emo shit who just… I don’t know! I just don’t like it right now! I’m having difficulty swallowing this! Maybe I’m just experiencing too many emotions in one night, I’m not sure.

Honestly though, when they were doing the Demon Expelling ritual, I was really worried that that would be the time in which Hae Soo was going to interfere with and that’s how she becomes known as the talk of the town beauty that’s like the 13th Brother. Thank god it was not. I actually kind of liked how she wasn’t part of it. It showed how the brothers clicked and everything. I also love the way Eun was so easily fooled into believing that Hae Soo liked him.

I’m kind of missing my side characters from BBJX though. I especially miss 13th Prince’s character so much. I feel like all of the brothers’ problems from BBJX were all just placed inside So’s character sometimes. I don’t know. That’s kind of silly to think but still 😛

Oh… my, goodness. The number one thing that bothered me in this episode was the ending. That ending made no sense what-so-ever. I was so upset. There was literally no sense of chemistry between these characters to cause conflict, and yet the episode ends in a way implying that they have already been rivals for seven episodes at least. I just… euaagh! I didn’t like it! It felt too much like jumping the gun! We had only just gotten a glimpse of the feelings that 8th Prince might have with Hae Soo, the first episode made it seem like they were having an affair already, but there was absolutely nothing suggestive between the Wang So and Hae Soo. With the implied meaning, it would suggest that Hae Soo had something going on between her and 8th Prince, and the ending of this episode suggests that there was something going on with 4th Prince with 8th Prince by the way that he held Hae Soo and was being saucy with 8th. But the problem is there. was. nothing.

Clearly, I am irritated by this singular 3 second scene of which, for some odd reason, holds prevalence over the rest of the action within that episode. I don’t know why. I don’t know if you have noticed but I do not know a lot of things. I am a very unsure person. What I am sure of is that this drama is annoying me. I never thought a drama could annoy me like Heirs but this one is getting there. It is so.. fucking… close.

I need a breather. I’m taking a break for the night. I will try again later. Thank you very much. A well deserved rest… *sigh*




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