Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Episode 1

Hello, guys!

So I finally saw that Moon Lovers has come to finito. It has been hard to resist but I finally did it and now I won’t have to wait for each episode. (Thank the LOOORT)
It’s time for finals and I’m procrastinating that so I decided to watch Ryeo instead. I’m such a good student 😀 
I have been looking forward (ish) to watching this for a while. It really did not help that my younger siblings were watching it as it aired… and my Facebook friends were freaking out over it on Facebook… and the blogs I followed were also going through the motions as well. I swear I did my best to avoid all of it. My little siblings would come to me whenever they were distressed over the drama and I would do that annoying thing where I stand there and say “lalalalalalala” over them talking.
This drama obviously got really big because even my Mom was watching it… and she almost never watches these things unless they’re dubbed in our language. (Dear gat, I don’t even want to think about how IU and Joongki would sound. *shudder*).
But getting right into it…

I have to say I actually liked how it started. When I watched Bu Bu Jing Xin I was completely thrown off because I felt like I had just walked in on an episode rather than starting one. Ryeo had a nice beginning–solid in the fact that it introduced the character and her background before setting her off into this world. (I laughed so hard when she jumped off the dock saying “WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?!?!?!” LOL like, damn girl, saaame.)

Also, that fucking scene where they introduce the princes. Like, gatDAAAAAYUM! The fanservice was too excessive! I could not stop laughing! Especially when 9th prince was like “look at my chicken nuggets,” like, boi! Stahp! LOOL

Dear lort, there were so many things that bothered me in this drama that did not concur with BBJX. First, I did not like how Ruolan’s character became her SIXTH REMOVED COUSIN. YOU DO NOT GET FURTHER RELATED THAN THAT! I mean, I get that you’re going to make her disappear in the end (assuming you follow the original story line) and making her a cousin would make it easier but still… who the hell is close to their sixth removed cousinNo oneHonestly. That just irritated me. And then, dear gat, and then she and eighth prince are lovey-dovey? She’s a ce’fujin who didn’t want to be there! I loved that concept! I loved the idea that not all the couples were lovey-dovey. I loved the idea that just because you weren’t in love with someone doesn’t mean you can’t have a civilized marriage. I mean, Ruolan was one of my favorite characters! I loved how dedicated to her religion and Ruoxi she was! But I mean… I guess I’ll survive… since I like the actress. LOL I’m such a bad human being. 

I have to say though, I love the addition of the astrologist. I absolutely loved his character in 1994 so I was screaming when I saw him in here. I obviously did not check the whole cast list. He was so funny so I knew right away his character was going to be a good one (whether that be a good bad or good good character has yet to be found but still…)
I loved how out of time period he was when he was explaining the stars for the Crown Prince. I cracked up way too much when that scene happened. There was just something about it that made it stick out as odd. Omelort, and that scene when IU broke the fourth wall made me think of The Office. And then when it was revealed that he knew the kids ever since they were little just made me melt. This man and children, I don’t even know. Don’t ask me about it.

Also, another thing that bothered me was how much we were seeing into fourth prince. I liked his mysteriousness but I guess I see why they did it. Korean dramas never really do that thing where the main guy is completely mysterious until a certain point. I found it particularly charming with 4th Prince but I see why they wouldn’t do that with the switch in demographics. It’s kind of fun to see how childish 4th Prince actually is in this version since he is portrayed as so incredibly calculated in the original version.

I’m trying to keep an open mind here. There’s a lot more I didn’t like, such as how Guoluoluo Mingyu became 8th Prince’s sister(?), and how there were only two moms and 4th Prince’s mother was the queen and how 3rd, 4th and 14th prince shared one mom when it was originally only 4th and 14th prince. I don’t know. I haven’t actually researched the Goryeo legacy yet so if this is to historically accurate then in that case I’m completely understanding. In BBJX’s case, I had to learn about their history for class so it was easier to understand.
I have to say, this drama has it’s own charms so I don’t hate it. I’m being open to it even if it seems like I’m not. I’m giving it a try, please be patient with me!

Okay, okay, I’m off to watch the second episode before the night ends. Break is here and so shall I. 



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