Bu Bu Jing Xin Ryeo (trailer)

I know it’s probably been a while but I decided to finally look at this:


(click image for link to original poster)

I have… mixed feelings about this.

But that’s understandable, right?, as a fan of the original drama series featuring real life couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. I mean, I have no idea why but I just really loved this drama. Despite being over 30 episodes (awkwardly stares at myself for not being able the ten episode drama that was My Love Patzzi), I watched every single second of it…. three times. I even watched the sequel to it (which I learned was not canon therefore erased from my mind because I was not happy with the sequel at all) and to be honest, just as this drama is being aired, I will probably rewatch BBJX again just to refresh my memory of everything and to give the drama time to release more episodes. (Occupy me so that I don’t just feel like I am waiting). Excuse the rambling — after watching the bootlegged trailer I am actually excited and curious about some things while obviously being upset about others. But, keeping an open mind, I’m just going to have to see how things follow through when the drama actually airs.

Things I’m excited about: 

From the first scene, I figured that this would just take place during regular time Old Korea with the regular hanboks and the large hair attire that I am accustomed to seeing in regular period dramas. This notion was mainly brought on by the clothing that the man was wearing when reaching out for my beautiful baby queen IU’s hand. It is a regularly seen Officials attire (found at 0:15), so I think to myself “Oh, just regular old time… okay then.”
But I am completely thrown off blind sided when I find the next full attire scene of IU and she is not wearing a regular hanbok but something that resembles more of what was seen during Empress Ki.

So does that mean… Mongolian conquered Korea? These outfits consistently follow throughout with all the rich girls, dress under coats-with-amazing-sleeves overs. I mean… even the slave clothes are the strikingly similar color concept with Sungyang’s palace servant.


Also, I notice that IU and the girl hitting her (possibly 8th Princes’ Di’Fuujin?) had their hair down rather than up in the usually seen hairdos (eo’jun meori or eo’yeo meori), which further follows the hairstyles of Empress Ki, but I’m not sure if the hair is actually accurate in that drama if it also followed the whole health issue with the wigs.
So I’m very curious as to what time period they are planning on fitting the drama into since the original story and drama were set during the real existing Kangxi period. So I’m really excited about this.
Also, Baekhyun is the perfect Korean equivalent to 10th Prince. It’s so… they’re so dumb, I can see it already. This is going to be fuu~n!

*Alsoooo~! The director is supposed to be Kim KyuTae and he’s done a lot of highly regarded work so I’m hoping this comes out well! Not only that but I saw that Tong Hua (the original author) is also taking part of the screenwriting so this is a promising bundle but I don’t know! Remakes usually do not come up to par with the originals…

Things I Am Not Excited For:

Here’s the thing, Korean remakes have a way of… well, one could say that they have a habit of pressing the fast forward button on character growth. I am very worried that the characters, specifically 4th Prince, will soften up to Ruoxi way to quickly. Although it kind of killed me to find out how 4th Prince and Ruoxi would end up together, I kind of liked it. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I have a thing for main characters that don’t actually feel like they are pivotal at all for half of the time they are plot relevant. Maybe that’s why I liked Empress Ki. This is purely based off of what the video showed, but it seems like our 4th Prince is going to really go at Ruoxi much harder and quicker than in the Chinese version. But who knows… it was just a teaser anyways.

One thing that is bothering me a lot is the fact that they have Junki wearing black and an eyepatch. Like… what? I haven’t read the book yet, I found the translations online if you’re interested, I am meaning to read it; but going based off of the original drama, 4th Prince’s favorite color was purple. The fact that they are making Junki wear black not only point him out as a sort of black sheep but that he has some sort of evil intention. I mean, of course, he does but wearing the black and having the eye patch make him seem too… nefarious. I mean, I was absolutely in love with the concept of 4th Prince being so subtle about all of his actions while being obvious at the same time. There was just something attractive about that. He wore purple, which was a darker color but not dark enough that he had this overwhelmingly evil characteristic hanging around him. I also, am confused as to how they are going to explain the whole eye patch deal. (Imagine IU asking him and Junki just stares out silently before saying “aesthetics” and then drinking his tea LOOOL).

Overall though, I’m really excited for this remake. I’m really hoping that it comes out well, but I’m also not holding my hopes up too high because of the reputation that remakes have in general. Hopefully things turn out well. I pray~! May the gods and odds be ever in this favor. *throws flower petals*

**Disclaimer: I am not a critic, just a person who doesn’t have a life but has a lot of time to complain. Don’t take my words with a grain of salt, that would make it taste good. Take it with a scoop of that lard Mom left in the fridge. You don’t like it, throw it out; don’t leave it in the fridge.**



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