One of Those Days

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven’t been updating. I haven’t been writing much either. Today I’m having one of those days.

Those days where no matter how loud you turn up the music in your ears, it isn’t loud enough. And it’s annoying when you think it’s loud enough but you can still hear everything, and you wish you couldn’t, but you can. Where whispers are too loud and talking is too much, and you wish you could just drown yourself in the noise that’s replaying in your ears.
Those days where you don’t want to look up, so you keep staring at your feet as you walk. And you look up occasionally, with a little tip, but not entirely because you just don’t feel like seeing anybody, and you avoid looking at faces, but rather just walk focusing on your shoes or the passing hands.
Those days where everything’s okay and you hate it. You want to take the computer in front of you and throw it across the room, or just run into the white walls that run throughout the building. Or just to run outside in general, but you have no where in mind, it’s too cold, you’re not up to running too far anyways.

So you don’t do anything at all. You just play your music too loud, sit in front of the screen lazily like you don’t care, and leave your face in that dark frown your mom always tells you ruins your face.

You know, just one of those days.


Pink Potato -160316


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