Bias: Night Before

He pulled off his sweater, revealing his toned back. I sat on the bed, hugging my pillow, watching it all happen in what seemed like slow motion. He ruffled his hair quickly and threw the pull over sweater to the side. Turning around, he looked at me and smiled. I hid my face under my pillow as I stared at him. I’m hallucinating right now, aren’t I? I thought to myself.
He walked toward me, closing the gap between us and slid onto the bed, taking me down with him. I clenched my pillow tighter, unable to believe what was happening. He snickered at me and pulled the pillow from in between us, and placed it under my head. He pulled me into a tight hug and in the moment, I found peace and fell asleep in his arms.

My eyes slowly open as I try to recall all that happened until now. I rub my left eye with my hand as I turn to my right side, expecting everything to just be a dream. I silently gasped as my tired eyes recognized the figure beside me. So, it wasn’t a dream? I thought to myself. In surprise, I lurched upward onto my hands, causing the bed to move. He turned his head towards me from the shifting. I blinked back my surprise, smiling. With a sigh of happy relief, I laid next to him again.
Again and again, I traced his facial features with my eyes; his thick brows, his nose bridge and delicate eyelids. When my eyes landed on his lips, I wanted to reach for them, and my hand started to reach for it. Suddenly, his hair caught my attention and I brushed it back. I couldn’t keep from smiling, realizing what was happening.

A moan escapes his lips as he forces a tired right eye to open. Surprised, I take my hand back. He shifts his face into his pillow completely, mumbling something I couldn’t understand.

“Huh?” I attempt with a dry throat.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” He mumbles louder as he shifts his head on the pillow again.

“No reason. Go back to sleep,” I whisper to him.

As if my voice had hypnotized him, I could hear his heavy breathing again. Slowly, I reached under his pillow to reach for his hand. I held onto it and felt him squeeze back. I watched him sleep for a few more moments before drifting off myself.

I woke up the next morning by myself. The pillow next to me fluffed, the blanket wrapped solely around me, and my hand under the other pillow. Like usual, he left without leaving a single trace of himself here; nothing but his scent. I had to wake up. I had to shift into the day, to prepare to be someone presentable to the world, when all I really wanted to was to stay in last night. It was like a dream. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to stay in a dream longer,



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