Bang Yong Guk Morning

I slowly open the door revealing a decent sized room with the bed in the middle. A small stand sat beside the bed covered in paper and a digital clock reading 8:32AM beneath a lamp. The thick curtains covering the wall to my left were almost closed except for a gap in the middle. Sunlight shown through and highlighted the tattoo on his exposed back. “and luv”

He lied in the middle of the bed on his stomach, facing the window. The light brown comforter wrapped around his lower back, hiding his exposed bottom half. Silently, I walked in, closing the door. I took out the tight ponytail and let my 28 inches of dark curly hair fall to my back. I took off my jeans and cardigan, placing them on the side. Like a cat, I quietly crawled into bed, under his muscular arm and cuddled against his side.

My hair must have bothered him because there was a shift on the bed and I could feel his hot breath over me. I looked up at him to see him open a tired left eye to look at me. His full lips twitched as his tired face rested on my pillow. Casually, with his eyes still closed, he shifted lower in the bed and put his right arm around me, holding me close to his bare chest.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me in his tired, deep voice.

“Nothing,” I reply.

“Good morning,” I reminded him.

He kept silent and held me closer.

We didn’t do anything but lay there as the minutes passed us by. The buzzing of the alarm clock filled in with the sound of our breathing. The tempo was calming and I enjoyed the moment.

The moment I may not have for a while, once the sun rises.Image


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