You Do Not Know True Power Until You Write

That’s all folks! =D

Writing can move people, and create imagery. Not much is necessary before the reader’s mind start to flow with natural inspiration.

“One sunny morning, in the midst of a park with greenery around me, Marshal approached me.”

Personally, I see:

1. A clear blue sky with a sun hiding behind a few branches of a tree hover above me.

2. A park near a water front with a walking path in front of me, between me and the water.

3. A young man in a collar shirt with a liquid caramel colored v-neck sweater with dress pants and modern shoes walks toward me with his hands behind his back.

4. His hair is brown and he has sharp facial features. He’s also smiling.

I find that writing is very powerful. It gave me feelings, imagery and a boyfriend. Quite impression, is it not?
In that same way, I can change it too!

“One dull morning, in the midst of crates and chaos, Marshal approached me.”

1. I have a job I don’t like.

2. My job is very stuffy and looks a bit like a warehouse

3. It’s unkept; meaning I have to clean it.

4. Marshal is a coworker, possibly my boss.

5. I think I’m going to get yelled at.

Writing is very powerful.



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