I Found You; be careful of what you post on the internet

So I searched up information on this girl really easily and the person who asked me for it said “Wow, you’re really good with technology.” I looked at them and laughed before saying “I’m not good, they’re just stupid.”
Let me clarify my statement. I didn’t mean that this person wasn’t a smart person, they just… weren’t very cautious about things they posted on the internet.
I saw a student who took a selca of his/herself in a DeLong gym shirt. You’d think, “ah, there’s probably like a ba-jillion other DeLong’s in the world.” Not really. You see, if you search up just the word “DeLong” itself into Google, the first search result is DeLong Middle School of the Eau Claire School District. That was how easy it was to find out where this student was from and what school they went to; that easy. Not only that but knowing it is a district school, I could tell what neighborhood they lived in, too. I already had their house zeroed down within a three mile radius of DeLong Middle School. You’d think that’d be huge but it isn’t. You see, if I have a mode of transportation, there’s always gaming events. If I find this particular student attractive, I’d just have to go to a “Home” game early or just the right one. Regardless of if the student went to the games or not, if I was cruising through town near DeLong at the right time (or just an estimated time of when the school gets out) I can clearly see if they takes the bus (stating he/she lives at least more than one mile away from school) or if they walks (within the mile radius).
This is how quickly I could find information on the student. I know, this doesn’t work all the time but just knowing how incredibly easy it was for me to find out where this student was is still kind of scary.

This was just an example of one of the many students that I’ve actually tracked down very easily. (Calm down reader, these are all Facebook friends, not just random kids who I felt like stalking. I don’t know if you can tell but I have a lot of time on my hands.)

Keep some things in mind:

  • No School related clothing in pictures; either you edit them out or don’t wear them for pictures at all.
  • Never publicly state where you are at the moment (whether that be Kwik Trip or Wal-Mart or the toilet)
  • Do not immediately post pictures of where you are visiting! -wait until you are home before you post them.
  • Check your privacy settings! -Always be aware of who can actually view what you are posting.
  • Have some self restraint! -Some people post so many things, I can get a taste of what home life is like from their Facebook statuses. That should not be possible. Personally, I don’t think anyone should know what it’s like everyday at your own home. It’s your house for a reason, for privacy.

That’s all I have for now. Maybe I’ll continue some more on this later. =)


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