Good Night

The rain starts to fall and I start to remember
I remember how I left you
And I wish that I hadn’t
How I wish that I hadn’t
But wishes never come true

“Good night”, that’s how we left it
We left it at “Good Night”
So casually, so routinely
Like it was any other night
Even though we both knew that it wasn’t

As if you were still hopeful
You asked if we would meet again tomorrow
I simply replied with “we’ll see,” staring somewhere else
You hated that phrase, but I still used it
We’ll see, is equivalent to No,
I should’ve just said that

Your silent pause let me know
You were slightly hurt
and yet you replied with a smiling face
Okay then, as if to cover it up
Like a tough fool
I pretended not to notice

We exchanged our good night’s
lightning flashed, thunder clapped, and the rain kept falling
And yet we ended it with a simple good night
We weren’t meeting tomorrow
We wouldn’t meet any day afterwards either
There was no more us.


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