Have you ever felt
as if there was a hole in your heart?
Like no ballad could describe it
No item could fill it
As if you lacked

She says it’s okay
to be alone
because you can have
all the food you want
But the donuts don’t fill me

He says it’s okay
to feel sad
because it’s part of life
it’s only temporary
but this feeling
doesn’t seem to pass

I had a boyfriend once
he didn’t either
fill that gap in my heart
I couldn’t help but think
nothing can…

I heard them talking
about a man
unlike any other
with a bright presence
but he was no man
they called him GOD

They spoke
of how meeting him
filled every hole
finding him
made every need

Every hole…

Quite the concept
it’s hard to believe
but there’s nothing wrong
with trying, right?
why not?

The Way
The Truth
and The Life
it sounded

Yet with every sermon that I drank
Every song that I drowned in
the hole got smaller
as if it was
being filled

Is this what they call


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