I must be crazy, I must be wrong

I look at you for the answer

but you reply to me with a broken face

trying to hold it all back

I recognize and admit to my sin

I am wrong

The words I shouldn’t have said

The actions I shouldn’t have made

at the end there is only regret

my fault, my fault, regret

two days, just two days, who knew?

once a stranger now a knife driven sharp

one foreign, now accepting the pain

I am bad, I am bad, I’ve told you several times

So why did you step forward?

Elongated hand with a poisonous touch

why did you grab what you couldn’t see?

Alas, again it is all my fault

I am bad, I’ve done bad

My apology without any forgiveness

Turn away that loving gaze and per about in icy rejection

Walk away with your scars because unlike this fool who heals

quickly, your’s will be hard to recover from

A fool am I, a fool am I, to turn such a direction

Hate me with coldness, set your eyes on fire

the disgusting breath of your words

I deserve nothing less, but perhaps a bit more

a fool I am, a fool I am


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