Hi! =D

Welcome to my blog~! It’s not much but I like it the way it is =D I guess you could say I’m an aspiring writer? I’m not sure myself =D I don’t know if you can tell from the first two lines that I just wrote but I’m a really young idiot exposing herself to the strange world of the interweb =D If you’re wondering what I post… well, mostly just poems because I’m pretty sure no one will see them. 😛

So there you have it. You’ve just discovered a dinosaur to knows how to read, write, and speaks English. Not to mention the fact that this dinosaur has access to the internet ;D Please enjoy.

By the way, if there’s actually humans reading this, feel free to give me advice. I want to become a better writer, not another one of those people online that just post stupid comments and are so grammatically wrong you wonder if they have created a new language. =D

Nice to meet you! *85 degree bow* AJA AJA HWAITING Aang~


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