I hate how beautiful you are

I hate it

I don’t hate that you are beautiful

but that you aren’t beautiful for me

Why can’t you look at me the way you look at him?

Like a fool I stand behind you and only look your direction

Why I stay, I don’t quite understand myself

I guess I hope you’ll notice me each time you turn your head

That perhaps one day you’ll see me

You’ll finally turn to me and smile

with that bright smile of yours

that at last you’ll be mine

But right now, you aren’t.

I hate this moment

I hate my cowardly self for

never picking up the pace

for always waiting for you to notice

but I always fear

if I try to catch up, what if you speed up?

if I catch you, what if you run away?

because I fear so much I can only stand behind you

and hope that possibly you might notice me

but until then I’ll stand behind you

even if you won’t turn to me at least notice me

look at me just once and I’ll be okay…


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